This one is neither a poem, nor a song. There may be errors (lots of!). But please bear with me.

“To err is human”


They say tuition is a place,

where we learn to face,

how to win an exam race,

and get the passing grades.


(Let me begin…)


But when I joined a tuition

with a lot of compulsion,

my mind had a confusion,

and I jumped straight to conclusion.

But due to this fusion

of compulsion and confusion,

It seemed like an illusion,

to which I was losing my vision.

So I used some persuasion,

made a simple, silly reason

and worked out my elusion

from that boring, little tuition.

After months of preparation,

When I gave my examination,

Answers came out as effusions,

and some seemed like an allusion

to what was taught in the tuition.

But my heart was in elation,

came out true my intuition,

I was successful in my mission

of passing without a tuition.


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