This happens a lot in relationships.


You and I won’t love each other
when two becomes a crowd.
Sometimes you won’t speak at all
and sometimes I will be too loud.

Dull and gray will be our days
as storm and thunder hit our hearts.
When two becomes a crowd,
we will count each other in parts.

We will crumble under the pain
when two becomes a crowd.
I will not care for you anymore
and you will look at me with doubt.

My heart won’t beat for you
nor will yours beat for mine.
When two becomes a crowd,
the sun will forget how to shine.

When two becomes a crowd,
we will leave each other alone.
We will go our own ways
and never talk over the phone.

When two becomes a crowd,
you and I won’t be together.
We will separate unwillingly
like a bird and its feather.

We won’t be together, I say,
even when we are, our hearts won’t.
We will have pain to keep
and lessons we will have learnt.

– Inscribed By,


I don’t want to live once again…

A streak of light hits my face
and I relinquish my sweet sleep
as I awaken to believe once again
that dreams are interim and not to keep.

The world moves at such a fast pace.
I tend to crumble – time and again.
Humans overpower humans in this rat race
just for wealth, power, and fame.

Sometimes, I expect to see changed days,
believing everything will be good once again.
But ‘once again’ is just another phrase;
I’d already lost even before I began.

So no more tries and no more lies.
No more fake smiles and ‘once agains’.
I just want to make sure before I die
that I’ve lived – I don’t want to live once again.

– Inscribed By,


I saw a dream, and now it’s gone!

In a land so near yet so far,
with unrest as well as utmost peace,
starts from my brain and sitting in a car,
I travel to the farthest galaxies.

Lying down yet running very fast,
I hide and gallop from my fears.
Feeling tired, I change my track at last
and enter a party, just to say ‘Cheers!’

I dance and dance and play around
with friends and family and lots of strangers.
The next moment, I know, I’m bound
to face happiness and well as some dangers.

Episodes continue without listening to me.
I try to remember what a friend just told
so that I would tell him or her exactly
how yesternight the story did unfold!

I hear a voice – faint and low,
slowly open my eyes and start to yawn.
I remember nothing, just the fact though
that it was a dream and now it’s gone.


-Inscribed By,

The Untitled

This one is a little different from what I normally write, in that the flow is quite quick and spontaneous. I hope you would enjoy reading this poem!

Taking a sip of coffee,

I sit on my bed.

Thinking of something to scribble,

And I find cupid hovering over my head.


Then I start to think,

And I blink, smiling to myself.

The picture connects, I take a break,

Oh! I surely need some help.


But there’s none to give me an ear,

I just need to take the decision.

Let it be; I’ll write about no one,

‘Cause my decision has no precision.


Yes, I should jot down about love, I said,

No! No! Just wait, take a look around.

Maybe it can get much better,

Someone screams with a very shriek sound.


I turn back, but find the room empty,

The sound has brought in sudden silence.

Was that someone really screaming?

Or has my mind started to play violins?


Let it be; I have to start writing,

Whatever it was; was a little ugly.

Now, should I write about a princess?

Or about a young girl who is bubbly?


Wait! Maybe I’ve already written,

What I wanted to convey.

If something else is what you want to read,

I’m sorry; you need to wait for some other day.


-Inscribed By,