The WORLD against ME

Whenever I feel the burden of the world, I write such poems.


Flawless you are – not a single mark.
I’m the one full of dark spots.
Yes, you are perfect;
only I don’t fit in your good lot.

My benevolence is, to you, pretense
and my clarity is your show.
You are the humblest of the humbles;
Perhaps, I’m an evil crow.

To you, to them, to other people,
surely a lunatic I am!
To me, my conscience, and my lovers,
your piety is usually a sham.

You guide to make me lose
hence let me be guided by your pride
which is dreadful yet flamboyant,
but to beware, I shall keep it by my side.

Showering love and shooting cajoles;
Pretty teeth behind which a serpent hides.
Venomous it is, but most terrifying is your
hoax of smile which makes me unaware of its bites.

Yet you feel you’re the only one
who owns a life.
The whole world is against me but
victory will be mine in this strife.

– Inscribed By,

LA(y) YE(a)RS

I had written it already, but felt like changing the title and linking it to the Daily Prompt for 05.07.2016.

Standing in front of the mirror, I look at myself
At my disposition, I find many people to help
Even I do – I think about it every single dawn
Years to come and years have gone!

My nature is such that even I can’t understand
Sometimes, to my enemies, I lend a helping hand
While at times, to my loved ones, I push a thorn
Years to come and years have gone

I – the most powerful of all the words
The shortest too, and mightier than the sword
I – without which a sentence I can’t form
Years to come and years have gone

I play games, although not the mental ones
I barely ever sing but can freely dance
I doff the evil but the good I can’t don
Years to come and years have gone

Mighty hills and rough terrains I conquer
But I can’t seem to go close to the water
But, in life, I’ve learned to carry on
Years to come and years have gone

I’ve been looted by many a person
either of money or emotional immersion
But I never tried to learn how to con
Years to come and years have gone

I derive logic in things people find difficult
But in real life, my mind goes on a halt
Yet I attempt to prove myself wrong
Years to come and years have gone

Am I silly or do I overthink at times?
But emotions these days are sold in dimes
Sad is the truth but everyone has it borne
Years to come and years have gone.

– AddKluZiv