Today, let us imagine of
a world full of love and peace.
A world free from terror,
tyranny, hate, and poverty.

Imagine if there were no countries
and the world was one home.
We wouldn’t be fighting along LOCs
to decide on a piece of land.

Imagine if there was no religion
and everyone prayed to one God
without caring who it was.
How peaceful would it be!

Imagine if there were no races
but just one human race.
We wouldn’t be discriminating
people based on their appearance.

Imagine if there was one language
that every person in the world spoke.
There would be no linguistic bullying
all around this beautiful world.

Imagine if there was no gender
and everyone was treated equally.
Love would surpass all other feelings
and gender bias would vanish.

Yet the world has been created
to bring out the best of the differences.
Look at the different flowers, plants,
animals, birds, and landscapes.

They tell us about the variety
of nature, which makes it wonderful;
and we live in this world,
which is full of dissimilarities.

These differences make us unique;
They make us who we are.
So let us imagine of a world full of
dissimilarities but filled with love and peace.

– Inscribed By,



I found God!

I found God in the hands
that helped a boy stand up.
That is the proof of care;
Who says God isn’t there?

I found God in the legs
that walked along with a blind man.
That is the proof of humanity;
Who says there is no deity?

I found God in the mouth
that spoke truth to everybody.
That is the proof of honesty;
With God, don’t be hasty!

I found God in the heart
that was compassionate to all.
That is the proof of love;
Who says God doesn’t live above?

I found God in the eyes
that looked at everyone as equals.
That is the proof of justice;
God is where trust is!

I found God in the mind
that thought of uplifting the needy.
That is the proof of thoughtfulness;
God lives in the hands that bless!

I found God in the prayers
of a heartbroken mother.
That is the proof of God;
That is where I found God!

– Inscribed By,

She said ‘YES’!

Six hundred and eighty two days
it had been since the first time
we chatted with each other
and I wished to make her mine.

I was a lost soul
and she was a broken heart.
We lived far from each other,
thousands of miles apart.

Only occasional texts to start with
and my wish to break her walls,
we were convinced to move ahead
and texts soon escalated to calls.

‘Happiness unlimited’ I wrote down
on my diary on that specific day
when she seemed so positive
and I thought I had to say.

It had been three months
of our blossoming acquaintance
when I proposed to her.
Of course, it didn’t make sense!

I had seen her in pictures
and heard her over the phone.
How could I claim to love her?
Was it just a result of being alone?

She had already rejected me twice
within six months of our chats.
And just like other boys,
I didn’t know how to relax.

I chatted with another girl
and had a long distance relation
with her until twenty days later
I started meeting with frustration.

I couldn’t love that girl;
She couldn’t be the remedy to
my broken heart and fix it.
So all I could say was, ‘Goodbye!’

I returned to where my heart belonged:
Happy but a bit guilty.
She took me in the same way
like, a month ago, how we used to be.

Unaware of what I did,
she just asked where I had been.
I couldn’t tell her the truth
so I said, “Just wanted to be unseen.”

Things started getting back to normal
as our chats resumed well.
“I had to come back to you, my dear”
was what I couldn’t tell.

But she understood me without words.
That was what I loved the most.
She housed my heart but she thought
that she would never be a good host.

A year of ‘us’ came into being
as we got closer through our journey.
I told her about my feelings once again
expecting a lovely reply for me.

Oh yes! She gave it a thought
but cruel were the memories of her past.
The happiness that I had felt
did not, more than a day, last.

It saddened me to see her
unable to get out of her sadness.
I tried to tell her how I wanted
to love her with all my madness.

But she couldn’t – it was difficult.
I could understand how she felt.
That’s why I didn’t compel her
until when I thought her heart would melt.

Six months later, I flew back home
to meet my kith and kin.
But inside my head, I had already
planned our novel meeting.

The day came when we met for the first time.
Elegantly she smiled and shook my hand.
Beautiful she looked, I was nervous,
and time flew by like slipping sand.

We met once again after two days.
This time I was quite ready.
We clicked pictures and talked a lot.
This time I walked steady.

Twenty days later, it was time to return
– as I bid everyone goodbye.
She and I had something to cherish
even though the distance made us sigh.

Two weeks later was her birthday.
I wished her happiness and bliss.
After a few days, I told her
how I had started to miss.

Yes, shameless, for the fourth time
I proposed to her on a serious note.
I told her how I exactly felt about her
without a lie or a sugar coat.

If not in one and a half years,
then she would never love me, I thought.
So, with a long text of our memories,
For love, in love, I fought.

But she still wasn’t ready for
the second relationship of her life.
And I had already made plans
of her being my future wife.

I didn’t know what happened to me then;
I couldn’t take more rejection.
So I stopped talking to her and
all other [girl] friends out of dejection.

Feeling undervalued, I made two mistakes
within two months of our separation
just to realize later that
it was all out of frustration.

Then came my best birthday ever
which only a handful of friends remembered.
And she called just to wish me
and asked of my whereabouts after November.

I was elated when I spoke to her.
Her voice soothed my ears once again.
A few days later, I asked her
to relieve me of all my pain.

She doubted her ability to love again
but I promised her a life full of happiness.
Finally, I asked if she was ready to fall in love
and, oh boy, she said ‘Yes!’

– Inscribed By,



This is a poem for a girl who means the world to me.

You are the subject of
every poem that I write.
You are the perfect end to
every petty fight.

You are the sweet sleep
that I get every morning.
You are all the happiness
that your thoughts bring.

You are the coldness of
an ice cream on a hot summer day.
You are the God to
whom I always pray.

You are the warmth of
the sun in cold December.
You are the lovely scene of
a movie I always remember.

You are the collection of
my beautiful memories.
You are the beginning of
all sweet love stories.

You are the lyrics of
every song that I listen.
You are the smile that,
even on dull days, glistens.

You are the destination of
my each and every journey.
You are the love of my life –
You are everything for me.

– Inscribed By,

I will!

And I mean every single word.

Sometimes you feel the need
to do things for your lover.
Things that mean a lot to you
and things you wouldn’t do for any other.

Yet I wish I hadn’t done things
for other girls in my past.
I wouldn’t have done them if I knew
that those relationships wouldn’t last.

I wish to relive my life and
erase all the other memories.
The only things I want to remember
are the two of us and our stories.

I wish to live for you,
live with you, live within you.
Without you, my heart won’t beat;
and with you, it’ll beat for two.

I’ll love you so much that
even love would doubt itself.
At times of stress, love would unbox
and always be ready to help.

I’ll make you so happy that
even happiness would get jealous.
“I’ll always come between you two,”
Happiness would tell us.

We’ll create so many memories that
even memories won’t find a place to be stored.
All of them will make us nostalgic
and nothing will ever make us bored.

I’ll surprise you with so many gifts that
even surprises will get surprised.
I’ll come to meet you in disguise so often
that even disguise will be disguised.

I’ll care for you so much so that
even care will learn how to care from me.
And when care shall finally learn the art,
It’ll teach the world how to care for somebody.

I’ll be there for you at all times
even when you’re down to your lowest.
And even hope will start hoping for us
to be together; to always be the best.

– Inscribed By,


I never wanted to hurt you but ended up doing so. I’m sorry, babe.

From the first time I saw you,
you’ve stayed inside my heart.
Like the most pleasant of weathers,
you’ve stayed like a beautiful art.

Two days, two weeks, and two months
passed by so quickly without notice.
And it is almost two years now;
Two years of togetherness in smiles and bliss.

But today, I’ve ruined it all;
I’ve made a shameful mistake.
My mind feels uneasy and dull
and my heart bears the ache.

Oh, how could I not even think?
Where is my strange common sense?
I cannot argue at my own fault
nor can I act happy in pretense.

I’ve made you sad, my dear,
which is what I never wanted.
Please forgive my foolish blunder
for I can’t take you for granted.

You’ve always made me smile;
You’ve always made me feel good;
You’ve always been there for me
even when others never would.

I apologize to you today
not because I am forced to.
I apologize to you today
because I cannot live without you.

I may still make mistakes, my dear.
After all, I’m a mere human being.
But I’ll try my best not to
‘Cause your tears, I don’t like seeing.

I’m sorry for being this person;
I’m sorry for hurting you so.
Please forgive me because
to my river of life, you are the flow!

– Inscribed By,


A poem for the queen of my heart!
This poem is also taken from my second novel “Your Little Heart”.

With my eyes, I see a dream;
In this dream, I imagine a world;
That world is ruled by a queen;
When she smiles, I feel special;
When she talks, I can only listen;
When she stares, I surrender myself;
And when she loves, she makes me fall;
Fall deeper in love with her;
Shine in love with her long, brown hair;
Sing melodies in love with her sweet voice;
Saunter in love with her willowy legs;
Feel love with her soft, delicate hands;
See love with her round, mysterious eyes;
And fall in love with her heart;
Her heart that beats just for me.
And that queen is you, my dear!
Take me as your prisoner,
for I have wronged when I was naive;
Or take me as your soldier,
for I will fight till death for you;
Take me as one of your subjects,
for I will do anything to take care of my queen;
Or better take me as your king,
for I will promise to always live for you.

– Inscribed By,


This happens a lot in relationships.

You and I won’t love each other
when two becomes a crowd.
Sometimes you won’t speak at all
and sometimes I will be too loud.

Dull and gray will be our days
as storm and thunder hit our hearts.
When two becomes a crowd,
we will count each other in parts.

We will crumble under the pain
when two becomes a crowd.
I will not care for you anymore
and you will look at me with doubt.

My heart won’t beat for you
nor will yours beat for mine.
When two becomes a crowd,
the sun will forget how to shine.

When two becomes a crowd,
we will leave each other alone.
We will go our own ways
and never talk over the phone.

When two becomes a crowd,
you and I won’t be together.
We will separate unwillingly
like a bird and its feather.

We won’t be together, I say,
even when we are, our hearts won’t.
We will have pain to keep
and lessons we will have learnt.

– Inscribed By,


I wrote this poem as a part of my book “Your Little Heart”. The story captured here belongs to the protagonist of the book.

A sunny day it was – very bright.
Ahead of us, we had a beautiful night
plus half a day.
It was that day in May!

You were waiting for me passionately.
We hadn’t been together lately.
There were things I wanted to say
on that day in May!

We embraced each other tightly;
You pecked on my cheek – lightly.
Then, gently you pushed me away,
on that day in May!

That naughty smile you bore,
and the slinky dress you wore,
lured me like a ship lured by a bay
on that day in May!

We laughed and chatted like kids,
holding each other like a jar and its lid.
I wish for us to always stay,
like we were on that day in May!

We dined; we kissed; we slept.
Promises we made to be kept.
We bade goodbye and traveled far away,
cherishing that beautiful day in May!


– Inscribed By,

The WORLD against ME

Whenever I feel the burden of the world, I write such poems.

Flawless you are – not a single mark.
I’m the one full of dark spots.
Yes, you are perfect;
only I don’t fit in your good lot.

My benevolence is, to you, pretense
and my clarity is your show.
You are the humblest of the humbles;
Perhaps, I’m an evil crow.

To you, to them, to other people,
surely a lunatic I am!
To me, my conscience, and my lovers,
your piety is usually a sham.

You guide to make me lose
hence let me be guided by your pride
which is dreadful yet flamboyant,
but to beware, I shall keep it by my side.

Showering love and shooting cajoles;
Pretty teeth behind which a serpent hides.
Venomous it is, but most terrifying is your
hoax of smile which makes me unaware of its bites.

Yet you feel you’re the only one
who owns a life.
The whole world is against me but
victory will be mine in this strife.

– Inscribed By,