Until he found her!


Her love did go
to get the stars.
Little did she know
that he’d find Mars.

The Sun had burnt him
and Pluto was too cold.
His eyes turned dim
as he grew a bit old.

Mercury he had gone to
but she pushed him away.
To Venus, he moved onto
immediately the other day.

Venus couldn’t leave him
as their love had grown.
Benefits were reaped even
before they were sown.

He felt sorry, but jaded,
so he left her for Mars.
Venus had never ever hated
anyone, until he gave her scars.

Disregard and disrespect was all
that Mars gave him soon.
That had made him fall
what he thought was a boon.

Jupiter was too big and proud.
Saturn had just got engaged.
Uranus’ moons were too loud
and Neptune was full of rage.

Distressed and upset he’d been
in search of a new lover
until he was ready for his queen.
Earth she was – he finally discovered.

– Inscribed By,

Bursting Clouds

So let me be poetic about the rain!

I’ve got the clouds to cover my ground.
They cry to let me know I’m earth-bound.
But the speed of rain is slower than sound;
That’s why rain drops only after thunder takes a round.

And let me tell you how it all starts
even though you know that it is God’s art.
It all begins when the water on earth darts
up in the air and gets stored as vapor, in parts.

Those vapory parts form clouds up in the sky,
even up away from where the birds fly.
The clouds then start to move sideways and high
until they suddenly crash and begin to cry.

The roar of thunder sometimes comes along
giving bass to nature’s beautiful song.
Drops pour on earth, that’s where the music comes from
and makes a rain song – some short, some long.

Rain falls on the roads, roofs, and towers.
The rivers, seas, and oceans take it saying ‘It’s ours’.
All of it may take minutes or hours
and the bursting clouds get ready for another shower.

– Inscribed By,

Traveling the world – Shivya’s Journal

To me, it is intriguing how one can travel all around with so much passion. Read her account on quitting her high-salaried job and traveling the world alone.

On solo travel, keeping a blog as a nomad, and finding inspiration in everyday encounters.

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Talkin’ Green

This is something that I wrote when I felt that humans are nurtured and fed by nature, but they rarely give anything in return. Let us save nature; let us at least learn to love it!


I’m always so close to you,

But sometimes I feel like stopping.

The time that has been passing,

Makes you look so jaw-dropping.


All of them here standing beside me,

Want to take a closer look at you.

They want to travel all around,

And get your beautiful and vivid view.


We are your children; every single one,

You are our world; so cool and calm.

Everyone needs you to be with them,

Coz who knows what may be inscribed in their palm.


You hold us in your vice grips,

Relentless, you never let us fly.

Many-a-times, we try hard to escape,

And you allow us to go a little high.


Everyone dies in you; so will I,

There is none that can deny.

The fact that you give them land on birth,

And grant everyone a grave when they die.


You never ask for anything in return,

Nor do you receive a penny.

Got much more reasons to love you,

But it would not end if I wrote so many.



-Inscribed By,



Is it Summer?

Once in a year, like all other seasons, comes summer bringing in all the warmth of the Sun. It is the time when the sun is set high up in the clear, blue sky for most part of the day. Yes, it is really irritating sometimes! But it is necessary. Without the heat of the sun, we can’t understand the difference between cold and hot. After all, summer must be different from winter – else, what’s the use of seasons?

This year, I’m in Lindau, Germany. My summer hasn’t yet been a true summer except for one or two unanticipated days of high twenties. Actually, anticipation has been a habit for humans now. We anticipate the sun and its warmth in the summer but we end up doing things that prevent it from occurring. Global warming has considerably shifted summer nowadays. It is almost the end of June here. Instead of getting burnt by the summer heat, I’m still waiting for the sun to shine well. Summer without the sun – what an irony!

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