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To me, it is intriguing how one can travel all around with so much passion. Read her account on quitting her high-salaried job and traveling the world alone.

On solo travel, keeping a blog as a nomad, and finding inspiration in everyday encounters.

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This poem comes with a three-starred title. Why? The answer is that it is special. It is special in that it is a dilemma in itself. It took me almost six months to write this, as far as I remember. I couldn’t stay for long while writing this. Words wouldn’t flow as easily as they did with other poems that normally take me minutes to complete.

I hope you would like this offering! 🙂


Once, when I was just a kid,

I used to think life was so cool.

It was so easy to be happy,

And it felt happy even to be a fool.


People would hold me in their arms,

And buy chocolates at my demand.

There was nothing to fear about,

And no fear seemed any grand.


As I grew up – the same thoughts I bore,

I enjoyed whatever life had to offer.

But I realized at this point,

That life had now become tougher.


People held me in their arms,

But now it was not at all endearing.

Who knew that the people who loved me,

Were the ones I had to start fearing?


As did they, maybe I too changed,

I wouldn’t pretend to be the same.

The times when I tried persuading,

Were the times when I lost this game.


Hatred, jealousy, and enmity we carry,

Still we’ve got something more dangerous.

It’s love – even if you don’t believe,

The greatest mask of evil in all of us.


Whether you love or not, it is a question,

Whether you love or not, it must be a feeling.

But when you’re choosing between love and no love,

The dilemma in your mind touches the ceiling.


That’s the greatest dilemma in your life,

That’s the biggest question you raise!

‘Cause they say love happens only once,

Yet the greatest dilemma happens in life’s every phase!


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Do you remember??


Do you remember the times,

When we held hands and walked along

Fearing our friends would hear the chimes,

Of our hearts beating to one love song.


Do you remember, babe, when you would complain,

About me being so rude telling goodbye?

You said that your heart would pain,

But I would never tell a lie.


Do you remember the days back then,

When we met at night behind closed doors?

The time would always exceed ten,

And we fell in love – almost in Morse!


I remember every second with you,

I remember every day of this cold November.

I remember the way you’re so true,

But babe, do you remember?



-Inscribed By,



Mine Forever

This is a very special poem for… let me not be a spoiler. Within a minute, you’ll surely find out who it is for! I hope this poem reaches to all of you. I love you guys a lot! 😀

Writing about anything you like,

Is an easy thing for most of us.

But many-a-things that we like,

Are complicated and, sometimes, bogus.


What do you think is written?

What can be scribbled here?

Is it about a cat and her kitten?

Or about a girl and her teddy bear?


As far as I can remember,

Nursery to the present, I know him still.

He is my best friend ever,

The guy whose name is Nikhil.


One more friend I have had,

Who was truly a cool guy.

He was Pema Hang – a funny lad,

Who gave everything a quick try.


I had friends – some good and some bad,

Some friends whom I want to meet still.

Some made me happy and even made me glad,

You are one such friend, Swapneel!


Leaving my secondary school felt bad,

I had to leave everyone behind.

Somewhere deep inside, I was really sad,

But somehow, I knew, life was even kind.


Diploma brought new friends for me,

They rushed in like the flow of an ocean.

Some came smooth and some dropped in nastily,

I picked up a drop and that was Roshan.


Life was now stable and locked,

I needed a new pair of keys,

Like a tornado, this guy struck,

And made himself known as Ashish.


Next came my friend-cum-brother,

Who was bestowed with a good body mass.

He was notorious yet very sober,

And we knew him as Kailash.


Luckily, life gives you so much,

Friends come like gold ‘n’-carat.

The ‘n’ for which you can give your own touch,

Comes priceless for someone like you, Bharat!


When people tend to spend a lot,

And mercilessly kill animals for fur.

You’ve ought to have a friend at spot,

Like you were there, Tarkeshwar!


This simple lad who is short,

Has a pretty muscular body.

His name is Bikram, but,

We call him Nepal – the college hottie!


Okay, that last line was a joke,

But I seriously have a friend.

Who prefers Maaza to Coke,

That’s Narendra – our group president.


Should I forget the good ones,

Please take it as an allergy.

Because it is a luck-by-chance,

To get a friendly brother like Dorjee.


Where do I go now?

Is it the end of the loo?

Hey Dawa, in anger, don’t you bow,

I seriously haven’t forgotten you.


No girl in this list, it seems!

But that may surely be a lie.

My friendship with her teems,

The girl in this list is Sunita Rai!


This is a poem for you all,

Who have made my life better.

Maybe, sometimes I’ve made you fall,

But we’ll always be friends forever.



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Have you ever wondered why,

Are people living their lives?

What is the harm if some fly,

Like bees working for their hives?


We eat, we drink, and we sleep,

Have you ever thought why?

‘Cause we are all designed by a geek,

To be born, to live, and then die.


“Life is a stage” – well said Shakespeare,

We are all acting with each other.

We move around the stage here and there,

Calling some our sister and some our brother.


Every single thing goes haywire for a minute,

While the same gives you happiness the other time.

You need to stay your way in it,

‘Cause sometimes, in pain, you gotta say “I’m fine”.


I am jotting down some words,

Just for no specific reason.

Are we fighting for our forts,

Along with the change in season?


Mistakes are made and paid for,

Even if you haven’t, you surely will.

But life is sometimes a torture,

When it won’t let you live, nor will it kill.


This is the way our life goes,

And we live everyday thoughtless.

So all my dear friends and foes,

Start reordering before it becomes a mess.



-Inscribed By,




It starts with my mind,

And the right hand with a pen full of ink.

Simply trying to hold and bind,

This page shall be my sink.


Wonders dreamt and well created,

By mighty people all around.

But I’m just a tiny tad,

There’s nothing I’ve ever found.


Everything around me seems so empty,

Even though all of it looks the same.

There can be no feeling so tempting,

Than nothingness filling your brain.


So why would you waste your time,

In a poem so bizarre and boring?

A poem that is a collection of rhyme,

And a handful of words pouring.


A day shall come in your life,

When you’ll be a complete mess.

That day, my friend, you would strive,

To get rid of this nothingness.


-Inscribed By,



The Weekend


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday,

Once in a seven days, does come a Sunday.

It is the day of rejoice and party,

When you become lively, happy, and hearty.


The day which is gonna bore you the most,

Is also the day that can itself boast!

Of being the most non-enjoyable day,

Of which we all know by the name ‘Monday’.


Tuesday is a day we are hectic and tired,

Some things, sometimes, even go haywire.

We manage everything by Wednesday eve,

So that the way Tuesday came, it may likewise leave.


Irksome days continue to pass by,

As Wednesday drops in with a decent alibi.

If you think it is a crime to let people meet,

Then you surely will, at this point, cease to read.


I know you’ve continued reading further below,

‘Cause you know I’d got my reason safe and slow.

You never noticed how I used my own way,

To describe about a usually unnoticed Thursday.


The day of Venus, the day of the Frigg’s,

Friday has come, and that too so very quick.

It just starts to feel a little exciting,

The ride is about to begin as the seat-belts tighten.


Saturday kicks off with a colorful delight,

Hoping for the best; expecting party at night.

The week is about to complete a full cycle,

As the night approaches and Sunday answers to your call.


The best day returns; it feels so pleasant,

To meet loved ones on a new weekend.

Even though it comes not as much as we say,

But once in a seven days, does come a Sunday.



-Inscribed By,



The Untitled

This one is a little different from what I normally write, in that the flow is quite quick and spontaneous. I hope you would enjoy reading this poem!

Taking a sip of coffee,

I sit on my bed.

Thinking of something to scribble,

And I find cupid hovering over my head.


Then I start to think,

And I blink, smiling to myself.

The picture connects, I take a break,

Oh! I surely need some help.


But there’s none to give me an ear,

I just need to take the decision.

Let it be; I’ll write about no one,

‘Cause my decision has no precision.


Yes, I should jot down about love, I said,

No! No! Just wait, take a look around.

Maybe it can get much better,

Someone screams with a very shriek sound.


I turn back, but find the room empty,

The sound has brought in sudden silence.

Was that someone really screaming?

Or has my mind started to play violins?


Let it be; I have to start writing,

Whatever it was; was a little ugly.

Now, should I write about a princess?

Or about a young girl who is bubbly?


Wait! Maybe I’ve already written,

What I wanted to convey.

If something else is what you want to read,

I’m sorry; you need to wait for some other day.


-Inscribed By,