This happens a lot in relationships.


You and I won’t love each other
when two becomes a crowd.
Sometimes you won’t speak at all
and sometimes I will be too loud.

Dull and gray will be our days
as storm and thunder hit our hearts.
When two becomes a crowd,
we will count each other in parts.

We will crumble under the pain
when two becomes a crowd.
I will not care for you anymore
and you will look at me with doubt.

My heart won’t beat for you
nor will yours beat for mine.
When two becomes a crowd,
the sun will forget how to shine.

When two becomes a crowd,
we will leave each other alone.
We will go our own ways
and never talk over the phone.

When two becomes a crowd,
you and I won’t be together.
We will separate unwillingly
like a bird and its feather.

We won’t be together, I say,
even when we are, our hearts won’t.
We will have pain to keep
and lessons we will have learnt.

– Inscribed By,

A Heartbreaker

This poem is a throwback to the time when I used to be a frantic, fluctuating writer with thoughts popping out almost anywhere and anytime. Nothing much has still changed! 😀


I don’t know where to start from,

Nor do I know its ending.

But I have something to say,

Better I not keep it pending.


It was a lovely start,

All fresh and anew.

But I never realized that,

My love was like a drop of dew.


As the sun rose in the east,

We had the best of times.

Our hearts beat to the music,

Of the blissful chimes.


I vouch I never knew it before,

That my love was a lie.

But now that I know my real self,

I feel that I am a bad guy.


Please forgive me for hurting you,

It was never meant to be.

I had some definite reasons,

Some things that you couldn’t see.


The sun moved a little west,

As my dew began to fade.

Maybe it was too early,

To erase the memories that we had made.


I asked you for a few days,

I begged for a second chance.

But you broke all the vows,

And closed the gates of romance.


I can understand what you are going through,

And I am the only one to be blamed.

But my heart has already suffered that pain,

With a sad truth that it can’t be tamed.


The relation we started with,

Is nowhere in existence.

You can call me a heart-breaker,

But this little heart still pains,

Thinking of you, my heart still pains.


-Inscribed By,