Today, let us imagine of
a world full of love and peace.
A world free from terror,
tyranny, hate, and poverty.

Imagine if there were no countries
and the world was one home.
We wouldn’t be fighting along LOCs
to decide on a piece of land.

Imagine if there was no religion
and everyone prayed to one God
without caring who it was.
How peaceful would it be!

Imagine if there were no races
but just one human race.
We wouldn’t be discriminating
people based on their appearance.

Imagine if there was one language
that every person in the world spoke.
There would be no linguistic bullying
all around this beautiful world.

Imagine if there was no gender
and everyone was treated equally.
Love would surpass all other feelings
and gender bias would vanish.

Yet the world has been created
to bring out the best of the differences.
Look at the different flowers, plants,
animals, birds, and landscapes.

They tell us about the variety
of nature, which makes it wonderful;
and we live in this world,
which is full of dissimilarities.

These differences make us unique;
They make us who we are.
So let us imagine of a world full of
dissimilarities but filled with love and peace.

– Inscribed By,



Years to come and years have gone!

If you can feel what I’ve felt, it would be awesome.

Standing in front of the mirror, I look at myself

At my disposition, I find many people to help

Even I do – I think about it every single dawn

Years to come and years have gone!


My nature is such that even I can’t understand

Sometimes, to my enemies, I lend a helping hand

While at times, to my loved ones, I push a thorn

Years to come and years have gone


I – the most powerful of all the words

The shortest too, and mightier than the sword

I – without which a sentence I can’t form

Years to come and years have gone


I play games, although not the mental ones

I barely ever sing but can freely dance

I doff the evil but the good I can’t don

Years to come and years have gone


Mighty hills and rough terrains I conquer

But I can’t seem to go close to the water

But, in life, I’ve learned to carry on

Years to come and years have gone


I’ve been looted by many a person

either of money or emotional immersion

But I never tried to learn how to con

Years to come and years have gone


I derive logic in things people find difficult

But in real life, my mind goes on a halt

Yet I attempt to prove myself wrong

Years to come and years have gone


Am I silly or do I over-think at times?

But emotions these days are sold in dimes

Sad is the truth but everyone has it borne

Years to come and years have gone


– Inscribed By,





After a long time, this is what I came up with.

Numerous years ago, the two of you met,

And decided on a single journey.

Who would’ve known that parents such great,

Were what God had planned for me!


You earned and fed; I learnt and read,

Comforting me at times of fright.

You bathed me and made my bed,

Tolerating my shrill cry at night.


From a kid to a boy, I turned,

And now I’ve become a man.

Slowly but definitely I’ve learnt,

That you are my two hands.


Time and again, I was confronted,

By problems, worries, and mistakes.

My cheeks hollowed when I was haunted,

I shivered, starting from my trembling legs.


Every single time, you were there to hold me,

By my shoulders and teach me how to fight.

You told me to face my fears boldly,

And always do things that are right.


It seems that the door is locked,

And guarded by thousands of raven.

But I fear them not, for I have,

My parents – my keys to heaven.


-Inscribed By,



Mine Forever

This is a very special poem for… let me not be a spoiler. Within a minute, you’ll surely find out who it is for! I hope this poem reaches to all of you. I love you guys a lot! 😀

Writing about anything you like,

Is an easy thing for most of us.

But many-a-things that we like,

Are complicated and, sometimes, bogus.


What do you think is written?

What can be scribbled here?

Is it about a cat and her kitten?

Or about a girl and her teddy bear?


As far as I can remember,

Nursery to the present, I know him still.

He is my best friend ever,

The guy whose name is Nikhil.


One more friend I have had,

Who was truly a cool guy.

He was Pema Hang – a funny lad,

Who gave everything a quick try.


I had friends – some good and some bad,

Some friends whom I want to meet still.

Some made me happy and even made me glad,

You are one such friend, Swapneel!


Leaving my secondary school felt bad,

I had to leave everyone behind.

Somewhere deep inside, I was really sad,

But somehow, I knew, life was even kind.


Diploma brought new friends for me,

They rushed in like the flow of an ocean.

Some came smooth and some dropped in nastily,

I picked up a drop and that was Roshan.


Life was now stable and locked,

I needed a new pair of keys,

Like a tornado, this guy struck,

And made himself known as Ashish.


Next came my friend-cum-brother,

Who was bestowed with a good body mass.

He was notorious yet very sober,

And we knew him as Kailash.


Luckily, life gives you so much,

Friends come like gold ‘n’-carat.

The ‘n’ for which you can give your own touch,

Comes priceless for someone like you, Bharat!


When people tend to spend a lot,

And mercilessly kill animals for fur.

You’ve ought to have a friend at spot,

Like you were there, Tarkeshwar!


This simple lad who is short,

Has a pretty muscular body.

His name is Bikram, but,

We call him Nepal – the college hottie!


Okay, that last line was a joke,

But I seriously have a friend.

Who prefers Maaza to Coke,

That’s Narendra – our group president.


Should I forget the good ones,

Please take it as an allergy.

Because it is a luck-by-chance,

To get a friendly brother like Dorjee.


Where do I go now?

Is it the end of the loo?

Hey Dawa, in anger, don’t you bow,

I seriously haven’t forgotten you.


No girl in this list, it seems!

But that may surely be a lie.

My friendship with her teems,

The girl in this list is Sunita Rai!


This is a poem for you all,

Who have made my life better.

Maybe, sometimes I’ve made you fall,

But we’ll always be friends forever.



-Inscribed By,