Talkin’ Green

This is something that I wrote when I felt that humans are nurtured and fed by nature, but they rarely give anything in return. Let us save nature; let us at least learn to love it!


I’m always so close to you,

But sometimes I feel like stopping.

The time that has been passing,

Makes you look so jaw-dropping.


All of them here standing beside me,

Want to take a closer look at you.

They want to travel all around,

And get your beautiful and vivid view.


We are your children; every single one,

You are our world; so cool and calm.

Everyone needs you to be with them,

Coz who knows what may be inscribed in their palm.


You hold us in your vice grips,

Relentless, you never let us fly.

Many-a-times, we try hard to escape,

And you allow us to go a little high.


Everyone dies in you; so will I,

There is none that can deny.

The fact that you give them land on birth,

And grant everyone a grave when they die.


You never ask for anything in return,

Nor do you receive a penny.

Got much more reasons to love you,

But it would not end if I wrote so many.



-Inscribed By,