Is it Summer?

Once in a year, like all other seasons, comes summer bringing in all the warmth of the Sun. It is the time when the sun is set high up in the clear, blue sky for most part of the day. Yes, it is really irritating sometimes! But it is necessary. Without the heat of the sun, we can’t understand the difference between cold and hot. After all, summer must be different from winter – else, what’s the use of seasons?

This year, I’m in Lindau, Germany. My summer hasn’t yet been a true summer except for one or two unanticipated days of high twenties. Actually, anticipation has been a habit for humans now. We anticipate the sun and its warmth in the summer but we end up doing things that prevent it from occurring. Global warming has considerably shifted summer nowadays. It is almost the end of June here. Instead of getting burnt by the summer heat, I’m still waiting for the sun to shine well. Summer without the sun – what an irony!

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