I saw a dream, and now it’s gone!


In a land so near yet so far,
with unrest as well as utmost peace,
starts from my brain and sitting in a car,
I travel to the farthest galaxies.

Lying down yet running very fast,
I hide and gallop from my fears.
Feeling tired, I change my track at last
and enter a party, just to say ‘Cheers!’

I dance and dance and play around
with friends and family and lots of strangers.
The next moment, I know, I’m bound
to face happiness and well as some dangers.

Episodes continue without listening to me.
I try to remember what a friend just told
so that I would tell him or her exactly
how yesternight the story did unfold!

I hear a voice – faint and low,
slowly open my eyes and start to yawn.
I remember nothing, just the fact though
that it was a dream and now it’s gone.


-Inscribed By,

Someone’s Win; My Experience

It all started on June 21st, 2016 with the second goal by one of Turkey’s striker. My friend, who is Turkish by race but German by nationality, was extremely delighted. He had proposed for a round in his car if Turkey wins and gets into the round of 16 for the Euro cup 2016. Fortunately, or I would rather say unfortunately, Turkey won by 2-0 over the Czech Republic. We were four of us, all Indians apart from him. He drove the car and we headed towards Lindau Hauptbahnhof (railway station) that is hardly two minutes away from where we live. On the way, a Turkish fan waved his flag with joy. I too screamed, “Hurrah! Turkei hat gewonnen” (Hurrah! Turkey has won).

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