I saw a dream, and now it’s gone!


In a land so near yet so far,
with unrest as well as utmost peace,
starts from my brain and sitting in a car,
I travel to the farthest galaxies.

Lying down yet running very fast,
I hide and gallop from my fears.
Feeling tired, I change my track at last
and enter a party, just to say ‘Cheers!’

I dance and dance and play around
with friends and family and lots of strangers.
The next moment, I know, I’m bound
to face happiness and well as some dangers.

Episodes continue without listening to me.
I try to remember what a friend just told
so that I would tell him or her exactly
how yesternight the story did unfold!

I hear a voice – faint and low,
slowly open my eyes and start to yawn.
I remember nothing, just the fact though
that it was a dream and now it’s gone.


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Trance? or Substance?

Have you ever wondered how easy it is for us to get deceived? One blink of the eye and something usual turns unusual, maybe just for a fraction of a second. But, it happens, right? Sometimes, you tend to hear the words from your mother-tongue in other languages. I, personally, have loved this experience and try to interpret their words as words in my language. You should try it sometime; it is fun!

The culprit here are our senses. However advanced and complex humans may be, they still can be fooled. We are idiots being controlled by the force of nature. But, even better idiots are those people who think that they are controlling nature. Sheer stupidity!

Anyway, returning to the topic of our senses, we know that we can be fooled at any time. Sometimes, these things lead to broken relationships while some other times, they lead to new connections. Being fooled, even though generally a shame, also has its perks 😉 But the main perk of being fooled is happily accepted by people like me who  get swayed in thoughts of nothingness. We go in a trance. To me, dreams are trance; they have no substance. Shadow is trance; it has no substance. Love is trance; no substance. But, all of these are based on substance. Dreams are based on our daily lives. We dream only of what we’ve seen in life. Shadow is based on its object. If there’s no object, there’s no shadow. Love is based on the mutual feeling of two lovers. If there are no lovers, there is no love. They are all trance. But, they are based on substance.

This takes me back to the topic of being fooled. If dreaming, looking at shadows, and loving is all trance, then trance must probably mean fooling our senses. There is a thin line between fooling our senses by looking at a shadow and fooling our senses by looking at something else which looks like a shadow. Take this example: we are fooled by our eyes to look at a mirage as if it is an oasis in the middle of a desert. Substance is oasis, while trance is mirage. We are nurtured by nature in such a way that dreams, shadows, and love seem real – seem like substance. But, we’re being fooled.

Should we accept trance as substance and never be fooled again? Or should we just be happy that we are being fooled every other minute of our life?

via Daily Prompt: Acceptance

Dreaming about that time!

I’ve been dreaming a lot. Let me come out of my dreams with a dreamy article.

How many times have I fallen asleep? How many times have I dreamt? I have lost count by now. Some dreams have brought a smile on to my face while some have been nightmarish. Some dreams I could recollect and some I couldn’t. Some dreams I shared with others while some I didn’t. But there have been some dreams that have etched onto my brain as a part of my life. I love to call them my daydreams.

I have always dreamt of becoming a great, inspirational, and knowledgeable person. I have dreamt of helping people become great and rich – in virtues, knowledge, and morale. I have dreamt of people loving each other as if there were no borders, cultures, races, religions, or genders. I have always had this dream that one day all the people of the world will come together and say, “Enough is enough. We just want peace and nothing more.” I dream, dream, and keep on dreaming of a future so bright that even our great grandchildren would be able to dream of beautiful things that the world has to offer. I am still dreaming as I type every single character in this keyboard and see my thoughts getting printed on this white digital sheet of paper.

I know that dreams are temporary. I understand that not all dreams come true. But I believe that dreams have the power to change us and the environment around us. So, why stop dreaming? Still, I know that it requires a lot of dreamers like me to see a change in this world. I can see that it isn’t easy to change the world; rather it is very difficult as people these days have already immersed themselves into the race for money, pride, fame, and lust. Yet, I have been dreaming. I can’t stop dreaming. I won’t stop dreaming.

That’s why I have been dreaming about that time when my dream will come true. Peace.


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(23. 01. 2017)


When you know that someone deserves to be loved, but they don’t understand that.

I’m talking about you!

You, who bear that smile so soft,

That I think thrice before putting it off,

And I feel you deserve to be loved.


Yes, I’m talking about you!

You, who have my heart robbed,

So I can’t find it anywhere near,

And I know you deserve to be loved.


Yes, I’m writing about you!

You, who make it so tough,

That I can’t decide on my own,

And I believe you deserve to be loved.


Yes, I’m surely saying this to you!

You, who are similar to the govt.,

As it’s my mind that you corrupt,

Yet I vote you deserve to be loved.


Hey! Are you even listening to me?

You, who are always glistening with glee,

Let us give a name to this thing – u and me,

There won’t be no risking with three,

We shall be whistling to be,

The best couple in history, babe!


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The Untitled

This one is a little different from what I normally write, in that the flow is quite quick and spontaneous. I hope you would enjoy reading this poem!

Taking a sip of coffee,

I sit on my bed.

Thinking of something to scribble,

And I find cupid hovering over my head.


Then I start to think,

And I blink, smiling to myself.

The picture connects, I take a break,

Oh! I surely need some help.


But there’s none to give me an ear,

I just need to take the decision.

Let it be; I’ll write about no one,

‘Cause my decision has no precision.


Yes, I should jot down about love, I said,

No! No! Just wait, take a look around.

Maybe it can get much better,

Someone screams with a very shriek sound.


I turn back, but find the room empty,

The sound has brought in sudden silence.

Was that someone really screaming?

Or has my mind started to play violins?


Let it be; I have to start writing,

Whatever it was; was a little ugly.

Now, should I write about a princess?

Or about a young girl who is bubbly?


Wait! Maybe I’ve already written,

What I wanted to convey.

If something else is what you want to read,

I’m sorry; you need to wait for some other day.


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But it was just a dream!

Today I dreamt –
of a beautiful world,
with no fear or fight.
Today I dreamt –
of a just world order,
with no wrong but only right.

Today I dreamt –
of people so happy,
that they made merry always.
Today I dreamt –
of the earth so green,
and of warm, soothing days.

Today I dreamt –
about a place so rich,
that it felt to me like heaven.
Today I dreamt –
of the Lord almighty,
with newborn babies – seven.

Today I dreamt –
and in my dreams I saw,
an angel holding my hand.
Today I dreamt –
of a place without money,
and no more poor in this land.

Today I dreamt –
about all the lovely things,
that humans can only imagine.
Today I dreamt –
not about money or power,
but about my kith and kin.

Today I dreamt –
of all the abstracts,
that make us happy from within.
Today I dreamt –
also of evil people,
and how they commit a sin.

Today I dreamt –
and I kept on dreaming,
until I finally found out.
Today I dreamt –
that the world was fair,
but only outside the bout.

Today I dreamt –
until I woke up,
to someone’s shrill scream.
Today I dreamt –
and finally realised,
that it was just a dream.

– AddKluZiv (01.06.2016)