Bursting Clouds

So let me be poetic about the rain!


I’ve got the clouds to cover my ground.
They cry to let me know I’m earth-bound.
But the speed of rain is slower than sound;
That’s why rain drops only after thunder takes a round.

And let me tell you how it all starts
even though you know that it is God’s art.
It all begins when the water on earth darts
up in the air and gets stored as vapor, in parts.

Those vapory parts form clouds up in the sky,
even up away from where the birds fly.
The clouds then start to move sideways and high
until they suddenly crash and begin to cry.

The roar of thunder sometimes comes along
giving bass to nature’s beautiful song.
Drops pour on earth, that’s where the music comes from
and makes a rain song – some short, some long.

Rain falls on the roads, roofs, and towers.
The rivers, seas, and oceans take it saying ‘It’s ours’.
All of it may take minutes or hours
and the bursting clouds get ready for another shower.

– Inscribed By,


Co-incidentally, I found out that I had written this poem on the month of July two years ago, two days after this date. Then, I was in Darjeeling, India and it was raining outside. Now, I am in Lindau, Germany and it is still raining outside.


When it is monsoon and the clouds are dark,

And the thunder moves people back home from parks.

When the frogs croak and jump away,

Then you know, it’s gonna be a rainy day.


People carry their umbrellas and raincoats with them,

Whenever they need to go out in the rain.

They advise their children not to get wet, as they say,

“Do not go out ‘cause it’s a rainy day.”


But the children enjoy getting wet in the rain,

Even if it asks for some beating full of pain.

They go out and get wet as they play,

And return home drenched, ‘cause it’s a rainy day.


Each and every vehicle turns on its wiper,

It seems as if Hamelin’s pied piper,

Is busy not in mice, but in rain play,

As he pours million droplets on this rainy day.


Some people are happy while some are not,

But I am busy here, trying to jot.

Two months after the month of May,

And again, today is a rainy day.


Inscribed By,