I wrote this poem as a part of my book “Your Little Heart”. The story captured here belongs to the protagonist of the book.


A sunny day it was – very bright.
Ahead of us, we had a beautiful night
plus half a day.
It was that day in May!

You were waiting for me passionately.
We hadn’t been together lately.
There were things I wanted to say
on that day in May!

We embraced each other tightly;
You pecked on my cheek – lightly.
Then, gently you pushed me away,
on that day in May!

That naughty smile you bore,
and the slinky dress you wore,
lured me like a ship lured by a bay
on that day in May!

We laughed and chatted like kids,
holding each other like a jar and its lid.
I wish for us to always stay,
like we were on that day in May!

We dined; we kissed; we slept.
Promises we made to be kept.
We bade goodbye and traveled far away,
cherishing that beautiful day in May!


– Inscribed By,

Scam Publishers

A good day to all my fellow WPressers!

Today, I want and need to write about something that a new, budding author may fall for – PUBLISHING.

Publishing sounds really good and enticing to all those aspiring and already-aspired authors. For those who have already published, I hope that they’ll get their new contracts with much ease than those who are yet to. But new authors must prove themselves. Therein lies the danger of getting swindled and cheated by so-called VANITY PUBLISHERS.

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