Years to come and years have gone!

If you can feel what I’ve felt, it would be awesome.


Standing in front of the mirror, I look at myself

At my disposition, I find many people to help

Even I do – I think about it every single dawn

Years to come and years have gone!


My nature is such that even I can’t understand

Sometimes, to my enemies, I lend a helping hand

While at times, to my loved ones, I push a thorn

Years to come and years have gone


I – the most powerful of all the words

The shortest too, and mightier than the sword

I – without which a sentence I can’t form

Years to come and years have gone


I play games, although not the mental ones

I barely ever sing but can freely dance

I doff the evil but the good I can’t don

Years to come and years have gone


Mighty hills and rough terrains I conquer

But I can’t seem to go close to the water

But, in life, I’ve learned to carry on

Years to come and years have gone


I’ve been looted by many a person

either of money or emotional immersion

But I never tried to learn how to con

Years to come and years have gone


I derive logic in things people find difficult

But in real life, my mind goes on a halt

Yet I attempt to prove myself wrong

Years to come and years have gone


Am I silly or do I over-think at times?

But emotions these days are sold in dimes

Sad is the truth but everyone has it borne

Years to come and years have gone


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This is the fifteenth of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.

Look at the beautiful world,

Not just at the cruelty in it.

Open up your heart to the good,

And let the light of love be lit.


Wipe off those tears O’ teary eyes,

Wear a smile on those lovely lips.

Stretch your lovely little body,

And move in circles, your harmonic hips.


Enjoy life – you get it once,

Get up, walk around, and dance.

Once wasted, it never returns,

So never miss the chance of a romance.


Look at the flowers – how they bloom,

On the arrival of the colorful spring.

Let bygones be bygones – forget the past,

Dwell in the present, for joy it will bring.


Open up your heart to love,

Open up your heart to joy.

Life gives everyone a chance,

Open up your heart to this boy.



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Died before Death

I hope you would like this one. This is the latest poem that I’ve written. It reflects the grief that stuck with me for a long time. As I tried to ponder over life’s meaning and the way it leads us till death, I could finally figure out that our life is nothing but this simple poem.

Caution: The poem is quite long. But, if you get in tune with it, you’ll never know when it gets over.

I was born; everyone was happy,

I didn’t have anything but smiles and tears,

But the world taught me not to cry,

As I was a boy and boys needed to bear.

They set rules and boundaries for me,

They taught me how to speak in a language,

They told me what was right and what wasn’t,

I didn’t decide on any turning page.


I slowly began to grow much bigger,

My organs had developed quite a lot,

My voice started to become hoarser,

“Decisions are made by elders,” they taught.

A part of me did not want to follow them,

“I should be allowed,” I said.

But my voice was nipped in the bud,

My ability to decide died before my death.


Then it was time to leave school,

I chose a path for the first time,

But I felt like I was making a mistake,

Since I had only known how to mime.

I had joined an undergraduate course,

They made me learn Caesar and Macbeth,

When all that I wanted was to read romance,

My ability to blunder died before my death.


Still happy, I graduated after a few years,

I got a job in some good company,

But they pressurized me with new workload,

And I had to do everything to earn money.

I still accepted whatever my bosses told,

On my health, I decided to lay a wreath,

But my peers couldn’t see me succeed,

My ability to stay happy died before my death.


I found a girl, with whom I fell in love,

I didn’t know that it wasn’t true until,

She left me after a year and three months,

I cried but hid it from the society, still.

I found another girl; the end was the same,

Love, now, became no less than meth,

I couldn’t differentiate between love and lust,

And my ability to love died before my death.


After years of tireless job, I retired,

I wanted to travel all around the world,

But my health wanted to keep me back,

So I prepared myself and unfurled.

I chose to work out and be fit,

But my body didn’t quite give in to it,

I failed in my plan and let myself down,

My ability to be able died before my death.


Still, I didn’t lose hope but worked out,

Within a year, I fought with my troubles,

And went to a foreign land to see its beauty,

To enjoy and bring back experience in doubles.

My decision remained lively and joyous until,

I started to be on the receiving end of hatred,

Of racism, of bigotry and of prejudice all along,

My ability to discover died before my death.


Finally, I couldn’t walk or talk much,

I became an old, bed-ridden grandpa,

When I pondered over my long life,

I realized that I hadn’t lived at all.

I lived in fear, unable to do anything,

Only did I know before the last breath,

That I lived not for me but for others,

And I had already died before my death.


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Exactly two years ago, I’d written this poem. Those words of inspiration always stay with me.

I just listened to a man’s recording,

Those words were a lesson.

If only I could incorporate the thing,

Life would be a ride of fun.


He said, “Believe in luck, but do your part”,

And I felt that it was so true.

Cause if you do things straight from the heart,

Nothing works better than the two.


He added, “Do not care what others say,

If you do, you’re never gonna get up.”

Cause these are people who talk shit and play,

With your emotions till you get fed up.


Adding more to his words, he even said,

“Get up and act. What’s with your mood?”

If mood is your driver and makes you wait,

You won’t act – you never would.


To me, those words seemed interesting,

So I listened to the whole audio clip.

Without hesitation, he went on speaking,

“Yeah, don’t hesitate” – that was a tip.


He gave examples of great people,

Who have achieved great feats.

All of them answered the call,

Of inspiration and a heart that beats.


Those words were really amazing,

Those words taught me a lesson.

Cause it wasn’t just shit-speaking,

Those were words of inspiration.


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Sometimes, you have the power to decide what you’d like to hold on to and what you’d like to let go…

So many things happen with you every day,

While some things are beautiful and tender,

Some are irritating and disappointing,

You decide, what would you like to remember?


Some memories can fill in scars,

And can get you fiery hot in December.

But some things spark happiness in tons,

You decide, what would you like to remember?


Some moments stay with you to hurt,

And once a loving person becomes an unknown sender.

But still there are some, who stay throughout,

You decide, what would you like to remember?


Some things you would never like to forget,

Because they let sweet memories enter.

But some you hate and wish had never happened,

You decide, what would you like to remember?


Some friends treat you like brothers,

You can count on them like your own family members.

But some play with your friendship all along,

You decide, what would you like to remember?


Anything and everything that happened with you,

Every single thing has had its own reason to occur.

So forget bad things, ignore bad times, & forgive bad people,

‘Cause good times are the times to remember,

Still you decide, what would you like to remember?


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Haiku #5 – You make me dream

A Haiku is a three-liner with five syllables in the first and the third lines, and seven in the second. I hope you enjoy this Haiku. This one is composed of all monosyllabic words.

When you stay with me,
It feels like I am the king,
With you, I can dream.

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Traveling the world – Shivya’s Journal

To me, it is intriguing how one can travel all around with so much passion. Read her account on quitting her high-salaried job and traveling the world alone.

On solo travel, keeping a blog as a nomad, and finding inspiration in everyday encounters.

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This poem comes with a three-starred title. Why? The answer is that it is special. It is special in that it is a dilemma in itself. It took me almost six months to write this, as far as I remember. I couldn’t stay for long while writing this. Words wouldn’t flow as easily as they did with other poems that normally take me minutes to complete.

I hope you would like this offering! 🙂


Once, when I was just a kid,

I used to think life was so cool.

It was so easy to be happy,

And it felt happy even to be a fool.


People would hold me in their arms,

And buy chocolates at my demand.

There was nothing to fear about,

And no fear seemed any grand.


As I grew up – the same thoughts I bore,

I enjoyed whatever life had to offer.

But I realized at this point,

That life had now become tougher.


People held me in their arms,

But now it was not at all endearing.

Who knew that the people who loved me,

Were the ones I had to start fearing?


As did they, maybe I too changed,

I wouldn’t pretend to be the same.

The times when I tried persuading,

Were the times when I lost this game.


Hatred, jealousy, and enmity we carry,

Still we’ve got something more dangerous.

It’s love – even if you don’t believe,

The greatest mask of evil in all of us.


Whether you love or not, it is a question,

Whether you love or not, it must be a feeling.

But when you’re choosing between love and no love,

The dilemma in your mind touches the ceiling.


That’s the greatest dilemma in your life,

That’s the biggest question you raise!

‘Cause they say love happens only once,

Yet the greatest dilemma happens in life’s every phase!


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 Let my stupid side be known to you. You deserve to know me because you’ve read me all through this. This poem is a conversation with myself at a time when I was unnecessarily worried about a lot of things. I hope you would like it.

I scribble a lot of junk – I know,

But these stupid words continue to flow.

Please bear me with these few lines,

For this time and also a lot more times.


These words and these rhymes I jot,

Touch some but are disapproved by a lot.

May be my four-liners go with my age,

But it is surely not just to fill a page.


I have some serious wounds and scars,

So I tend to use some words so harsh.

If you’d exchange places with me,

You’ll feel what it is like to be!


I’ve flawed terribly in the past,

But paid a great deal at last.

So, haters need not pan or sneer,

‘Cause tomorrow it’s your turn to fear.


All that I write is from my heart,

But I don’t know where to start.

So, wake me up when I get lost in my sleep,

‘Cause daydreams aren’t good, and mine is too deep!


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The Versatile Blogger Award

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7 Random Facts about me!

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  3. I love literature – especially because my paternal family is much into it. My paternal grandfather had translated the famous Bengali romance novel Devdas into Nepali. He also wrote a lot of other articles in Nepali. My dad, too, is a Nepali linguist – the first one to publish a book on Nepali Linguistics in India. So, I’ve probably inherited the traits.
  4. I may seem like an introvert, but I’m actually just the opposite. I take a “little” time to get used to talking to the other person.
  5. I write in Quora on almost all topics 😀
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