I will!

And I mean every single word.


Sometimes you feel the need
to do things for your lover.
Things that mean a lot to you
and things you wouldn’t do for any other.

Yet I wish I hadn’t done things
for other girls in my past.
I wouldn’t have done them if I knew
that those relationships wouldn’t last.

I wish to relive my life and
erase all the other memories.
The only things I want to remember
are the two of us and our stories.

I wish to live for you,
live with you, live within you.
Without you, my heart won’t beat;
and with you, it’ll beat for two.

I’ll love you so much that
even love would doubt itself.
At times of stress, love would unbox
and always be ready to help.

I’ll make you so happy that
even happiness would get jealous.
“I’ll always come between you two,”
Happiness would tell us.

We’ll create so many memories that
even memories won’t find a place to be stored.
All of them will make us nostalgic
and nothing will ever make us bored.

I’ll surprise you with so many gifts that
even surprises will get surprised.
I’ll come to meet you in disguise so often
that even disguise will be disguised.

I’ll care for you so much so that
even care will learn how to care from me.
And when care shall finally learn the art,
It’ll teach the world how to care for somebody.

I’ll be there for you at all times
even when you’re down to your lowest.
And even hope will start hoping for us
to be together; to always be the best.

– Inscribed By,


I’ve been inspired by a girl who is beautiful: physically, spiritually and humanly. The best part is that she’s mine. 🙂

Sweet as chocolate, bright as light;
If I’m the eye, she’s my sight!
Flawless as water, burning like fire;
If I’m the mind, she’s my desire!

Giving as a saint, caring as a mother;
If I’m one half, she is the other!
Comforting as a pillow, warm as a blanket;
If I’m the occasion, she’s my banquet!

Raging like a chili, fuming like oil;
If I’m the flower, she’s my soil!
Loud as music, proud like me;
If I’m the sweetness, she’s the candy!

Peaceful as a dove, beautiful as a bride;
If I am beauty, she’s my pride!
Delicate as an art, calculated as a cook;
If I’m the author, she’s my book!

Loving as a lover, protective as a pod;
If I’m a devotee, she’s my God!
Stubborn as a child, firm as a goal;
If I’m the body, she’s my soul!

– Inscribed By,


Oh, this poem never gets old. Almost two years now and she still charms me the same.

Oh! Look at how you keep me awake
even as the sun has set and is about to rise up again.
Is this some old story of my book,
or is it a new chapter in my life, ready to begin?

You came into my life just like an angel
as you filled it with happiness and blissful symphony.
I just want you to stay with me forever.
Let’s be together babe, you’re the best dream for me.

Now just come, come, babe stay with me.
Oh, how I long, long your charming company!
And this song, song is just a symphony.
Am I wrong, wrong to say you’re the one for me?

And here you come to me, walking so graciously.
I know, it’s my hand, where yours wants to be!
Your smile is so very heart-warming;
You’ve charmed and you’re charming.

– Inscribed By,

She makes me crazy

A long one after a long time!

It was probably the best day,

2016 had ever bestowed upon me.

It was a wonderful Wednesday,

And I was with friends – we were three.


We started off on Facebook,

And moved to Whatsapp after nine days.

Texts became lengthier – we got hooked,

Knowing that love had its own ways.


Being a part of each other’s routine,

Was no more a want but a need,

Texts we had exchanged umpteen,

And developed a friendly creed.


So we took one more step ahead,

And started talking over voice calls.

Oh! Her soft voice played in my head,

Like water running in sublime waterfalls.


I wish to always be with her,

In every nook and cranny of life.

Together we enjoy, together we suffer,

I’ll be the husband and she’ll be my wife.


Yes, I’ve crazy thoughts, I know,

But there’s no stopping this time.

If she’s the arrow, then I’m the bow,

And we will be partners in crime.


With her, I’m defined to shine,

Without her, I’m hazy and lazy.

I’ll make sure that she is mine,

‘Cause, God, she makes me crazy!


– Inscribed By,



ENDLESSLY – Love has no expiry date

A special poem for a special someone! 🙂

To the tune of sweet whistles, I dance,

With the cool breeze passing by, I romance.

What is it that I’m looking for?

Amidst the conscious crowd, I’m in a trance.


I don’t even get proper sleep nowadays,

Even when I dream, all that I see is her face.

What is happening with me lately?

I am, with myself, in a perpetual race.


I touch the sky but immediately fall down.

I write long essays yet forget what’s a noun.

What do these extremes want to convey?

I know not whether to smile or bear a frown!


Am I in search of something to stabilize?

Yes, I believe I’m looking for that prize.

Am I finding love in the right place?

I know not, for I am not very wise.


But when it comes, I can only imagine,

I won’t even want to rhyme my words.

Only the thought of having her by my side,

Makes me the happiest man – worldwide.


So I’m still looking for love, hopelessly,

My feelings are real, O God bless me.

Till when will I wait for her, she asks!

I smile and whisper into her ears: “Endlessly”


– Inscribed by,




This is the twelfth of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.

This one is more like a song than a poem. I hope you like it.


Believe me or not – it’s true,

Every word here – it’s for you.

For you, O’ darling, my heart beats,

Waiting for the day when we’ll meet.

I see you only in pictures you send,

If only, to you, someone would lend.

An internet connection with good speed,

I could see you in a live feed.


CHORUS: Yes, we do, and we live for,

The moment of our lives.

Imagining you rushing through the door,

Returning to your beehive.


Believe me or not – it’s true,

Every word here – it’s for you.

The smile on your face, just for me,

Makes me smile back, makes me jolly.

I see you only in your photographs,

And think how you’d look, when you’d laugh.

Till the day that we meet, I’ll wait,

Never say never, maybe a little late.


CHORUS: Yes, we do, and we live for,

The moment of our lives.

Imagining you rushing through the door,

Returning to your beehive.



  • Inscribed By,




This is the eleventh of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.

Never did this happen in my past,

Never with any of my partners.

But this time, everything seems anew,

This is what I was waiting for.


You broke the initial letter constraint,

And started with a different letter.

I always thought they were very good,

But, with you, it is even better.


Everyone says that you’re beautiful,

Never did the majority even agree.

So I’ll do something that I never did,

For you, my sweetheart, I’ll fall on my knees.


Never in my past did every person,

Accept my girl whole-heartedly.

I sometimes regret my decisions,

But I learnt a lot, so let them be.


This time, the response from dear ones,

Has been positive and overwhelming.

Everyone says that you’re beautiful,

But do I deserve this beauty, tell me?


Everyone tells me you’re beautiful,

Everyone tells me you’re smart.

But babe, there’s one thing I need to know,

Will I always be your sweetheart?



  • Inscribed By,



PoetLove #9 – IN MY ARMS

This is the ninth of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.

Empty arms on a cold Sunday,

I am waiting for my love.

Far away she is lonely; preparing,

For the time when push comes to shove.


Thirteen degrees on the meter,

And curtailed rays of the sun.

Only imagining seeing each other,

With every rise of the dawn.


Our love is worth every meet,

Which we can just treasure.

But there is no device or instrument,

For our worth to be measured.


Oh! How I wish you were here,

In the embrace of my charm.

I would keep you tight and close,

And never let you go off my arms.


I know that every day of our lives,

Is not the same – no surprise.

Yet our love is so magical,

Makes every day as beatific as your eyes.


After every winter, comes the spring,

And again it starts to warm.

Till then, I’ll be waiting for the day,

When you’d come into my arms.



  • Inscribed By,




This is the sixth of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.

Here I am, I call it off,

Bidding goodbye to my laptop.

Sitting straight, facing the wall,

Inscribing a new poem of love.


I could’ve easily gone to sleep,

But instead I chose to write.

Because you can take a look at this,

Read my poem, you might.


Somehow I feel you know,

what goes on inside my mind.

If you could just see me now,

Everything is of a different kind.


The words you speak to me,

Make me want to talk more.

If you could see me now,

I don’t even care about my throat so sore.


I sit with your picture by my side,

Then look to God and wonder how.

And I adore and admire and adorn,

A smile, if you could only see me now!


  • Inscribed By,




This is the fifth of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.

Of late, I’ve been too busy,

Gazing at the stars at night.

My preoccupation with darkness,

Has unarguably dimmed the light.


At night, I see twinkling stars,

And beautifully scattered particles.

And I turn back suddenly,

When, due to the wind, my book riffles.


I close the book and keep,

A crystal on top of it.

Then I resume staring at the sky,

The light goes off; a candle is lit.


I turn on the soothing music,

And plug in earphones to listen.

Such a beautiful combination of soft music,

The beaming moon, and stars that glisten.


But there’s something missing,

And the lovely cloud drops a shower.

It completes my ninety percent,

Yet the night is still sour.


I can only wish and imagine,

That you’d grace this night.

But I can only wish – not beget,

Oh dear! Such is my plight.



  • Inscribed By,