This is a new section in my blog.

I know! I know! I had promised to only write poems here. But I couldn’t resist adding other articles that I wanted you to read. I don’t want you to hover around here and there in search of articles instead. Therefore, I made a point to add everything here. Perhaps, it has become a hotchpotch now. But, I will surely rearrange everything in the days to come. If you are reading this post without finding a serious disorder in the site, then it seems that you are quite late. 😀

Know-More was actually a concept I wanted to try out using Facebook. I even have a page by this name. Here is the link. To be honest, I still want to infect people with knowledge – be it of any type. But time is always an issue. Regular job, writing articles, poems, lots of household stuff, and getting some leisure time from my busy life only allows me this much time to keep you updated. But I know you won’t mind. Will you? 😀

By the way, thanks again for coming over to my site and reading my posts.

Feedback and Criticisms are always welcome! ( Please don’t be too harsh though 😉 )




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