Dreaming about that time!

I’ve been dreaming a lot. Let me come out of my dreams with a dreamy article.


How many times have I fallen asleep? How many times have I dreamt? I have lost count by now. Some dreams have brought a smile on to my face while some have been nightmarish. Some dreams I could recollect and some I couldn’t. Some dreams I shared with others while some I didn’t. But there have been some dreams that have etched onto my brain as a part of my life. I love to call them my daydreams.

I have always dreamt of becoming a great, inspirational, and knowledgeable person. I have dreamt of helping people become great and rich – in virtues, knowledge, and morale. I have dreamt of people loving each other as if there were no borders, cultures, races, religions, or genders. I have always had this dream that one day all the people of the world will come together and say, “Enough is enough. We just want peace and nothing more.” I dream, dream, and keep on dreaming of a future so bright that even our great grandchildren would be able to dream of beautiful things that the world has to offer. I am still dreaming as I type every single character in this keyboard and see my thoughts getting printed on this white digital sheet of paper.

I know that dreams are temporary. I understand that not all dreams come true. But I believe that dreams have the power to change us and the environment around us. So, why stop dreaming? Still, I know that it requires a lot of dreamers like me to see a change in this world. I can see that it isn’t easy to change the world; rather it is very difficult as people these days have already immersed themselves into the race for money, pride, fame, and lust. Yet, I have been dreaming. I can’t stop dreaming. I won’t stop dreaming.

That’s why I have been dreaming about that time when my dream will come true. Peace.


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(23. 01. 2017)

Kheer – The Indian Dessert

Original Story by: Mr. Indra Bahadur Rai; Translation by: Adarsha Kharel
As I climbed uphill, I could see the roaring Teesta River starting to diminish from my sight. It was exactly 5 pm and, during winters, the sun sets by this time. I could faintly see a concrete wall on top of the hill. Wishing it would be a guest house, I motivated myself to walk as fast as I could. There were pine trees all along the path. I had a small backpack which I always carried with me. I took out the torchlight and lit it to show me the way. After nearly half-an-hour of a tiring uphill walk, I reached the hilltop. The concrete wall was there. Indeed, it was a small construction of two rooms. One of the rooms had a light bulb lit. I wondered as to who built this building in such a place. It seemed as if no one ever lived there for years. A substantial part of the building was filled by algae and climbers. But the light made me curious. I moved closer to the house to check it out. There was something engraved on the upper part of the façade. I focused my torch light to see what was written. “Teesta Guest House” – it mentioned.