She said ‘YES’!

Six hundred and eighty two days
it had been since the first time
we chatted with each other
and I wished to make her mine.

I was a lost soul
and she was a broken heart.
We lived far from each other,
thousands of miles apart.

Only occasional texts to start with
and my wish to break her walls,
we were convinced to move ahead
and texts soon escalated to calls.

‘Happiness unlimited’ I wrote down
on my diary on that specific day
when she seemed so positive
and I thought I had to say.

It had been three months
of our blossoming acquaintance
when I proposed to her.
Of course, it didn’t make sense!

I had seen her in pictures
and heard her over the phone.
How could I claim to love her?
Was it just a result of being alone?

She had already rejected me twice
within six months of our chats.
And just like other boys,
I didn’t know how to relax.

I chatted with another girl
and had a long distance relation
with her until twenty days later
I started meeting with frustration.

I couldn’t love that girl;
She couldn’t be the remedy to
my broken heart and fix it.
So all I could say was, ‘Goodbye!’

I returned to where my heart belonged:
Happy but a bit guilty.
She took me in the same way
like, a month ago, how we used to be.

Unaware of what I did,
she just asked where I had been.
I couldn’t tell her the truth
so I said, “Just wanted to be unseen.”

Things started getting back to normal
as our chats resumed well.
“I had to come back to you, my dear”
was what I couldn’t tell.

But she understood me without words.
That was what I loved the most.
She housed my heart but she thought
that she would never be a good host.

A year of ‘us’ came into being
as we got closer through our journey.
I told her about my feelings once again
expecting a lovely reply for me.

Oh yes! She gave it a thought
but cruel were the memories of her past.
The happiness that I had felt
did not, more than a day, last.

It saddened me to see her
unable to get out of her sadness.
I tried to tell her how I wanted
to love her with all my madness.

But she couldn’t – it was difficult.
I could understand how she felt.
That’s why I didn’t compel her
until when I thought her heart would melt.

Six months later, I flew back home
to meet my kith and kin.
But inside my head, I had already
planned our novel meeting.

The day came when we met for the first time.
Elegantly she smiled and shook my hand.
Beautiful she looked, I was nervous,
and time flew by like slipping sand.

We met once again after two days.
This time I was quite ready.
We clicked pictures and talked a lot.
This time I walked steady.

Twenty days later, it was time to return
– as I bid everyone goodbye.
She and I had something to cherish
even though the distance made us sigh.

Two weeks later was her birthday.
I wished her happiness and bliss.
After a few days, I told her
how I had started to miss.

Yes, shameless, for the fourth time
I proposed to her on a serious note.
I told her how I exactly felt about her
without a lie or a sugar coat.

If not in one and a half years,
then she would never love me, I thought.
So, with a long text of our memories,
For love, in love, I fought.

But she still wasn’t ready for
the second relationship of her life.
And I had already made plans
of her being my future wife.

I didn’t know what happened to me then;
I couldn’t take more rejection.
So I stopped talking to her and
all other [girl] friends out of dejection.

Feeling undervalued, I made two mistakes
within two months of our separation
just to realize later that
it was all out of frustration.

Then came my best birthday ever
which only a handful of friends remembered.
And she called just to wish me
and asked of my whereabouts after November.

I was elated when I spoke to her.
Her voice soothed my ears once again.
A few days later, I asked her
to relieve me of all my pain.

She doubted her ability to love again
but I promised her a life full of happiness.
Finally, I asked if she was ready to fall in love
and, oh boy, she said ‘Yes!’

– Inscribed By,




This beautiful poem is for the one whom I have loved for years. I wrote this when she was still my crush and I was only her friend. Now, we’re together.

There’s a whole lot of emptiness in me
and a hole in your heart.
We’ve got a bunch of problems to keep us busy
and a thousand reasons to break apart.

These times are hard; these times are tough;
and, of all, these times are very trying.
I can’t find in any person I meet – love
and you’re a love failure who keeps on crying.

I am reborn with new passion and zest
and I tell you to do the same.
Instead, you stay put and try to test
my rebirth; I promise this is not a game.

You don’t understand that every three
is meaningless without a two.
Probably now you don’t love me
but I will always keep on loving you.

And someday we shall be one
like the two inseparable wings of the dove.
No zero, nothing less, just us and fun
and then, we’ll fall in love.

– Inscribed By,


This poem is for my loving sister, Aarti, who loves me like a mother and listens to me like a friend. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you, di.

Thinking about you, I’m writing this song.
This is love, but don’t get me wrong.
‘Cause love, they say, depends – to and from.
But it is my heart to where you belong.

I can sing this to you, my dear sister,
even if you are with your loving mister.
I don’t care if I sound a little crappy;
All I want is for you to be happy.

‘Cause you care for me like a mother;
and we share beautiful moments together.
‘Cause I’m your happy-go-lucky brother,
and a sister like you – there can’t be another.

I can sing this to you, my dear sister,
even if you are with your loving mister.
I don’t care if I sound a little crappy;
All I want is for you to be happy.

And now you are going far away;
I will miss you more than I can say.
But I’ll be dearly waiting for that day
when we shall meet and be happy again.

Then I will sing this to you, my dear sister,
When you will be with your loving mister.
I won’t care if I sound a little crappy;
I’ll be there with you – joyous and happy.

– Inscribed By,


Traveling the world – Shivya’s Journal

To me, it is intriguing how one can travel all around with so much passion. Read her account on quitting her high-salaried job and traveling the world alone.

On solo travel, keeping a blog as a nomad, and finding inspiration in everyday encounters.

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A Helping Hand

28.07.2016 – The day we felt humbled!

Main Characters: Kunal, Kedar, Siddhant, Me, and the American guy.


7:30 – 9:00 PM:

We dined over smoked chicken curry. Oh! It was delicious. I can still virtually taste it. Apart from Kedar, who is a vegetarian, the three of us enjoyed the appetizing dinner.

9:35 PM:

We were ready to leave. Kunal, my friend, had to catch his bus to Erlangen at 10:15 PM. So, my friends, Siddhant and Kedar, and I accompanied Kunal till the Omnibusbahnhof (the bus station). We walked all the way for exactly 25 minutes, still debating on whose guess was correct. Sid had said ’20’ and Kedar ’30’. Well, it was a tie at the end.

10:15 PM:

The bus was waiting for Kunal. He was the last one to board the bus, it seemed. But there was a problem. No, no… it wasn’t with Kunal or his ticket. He got into the bus at 10:14 PM. Usually, Germans are very punctual and it is the same case with the buses too. But, today, something was different. There was an American guy, who couldn’t understand German, standing next to one of the bus officials. There were some other people too. But no one understood English quite well. A couple stood nearby, trying to help the guy but couldn’t. The bus official was trying to contact the main office and get the required information about the American guy. But, he was speaking in German and the guy wanted information in English. We wanted to help. So, Sid intervened, “Is there any problem?” He asked with concern. The guy told us about him being careless and missing his bus with all his belongings in it. We translated what the bus official said in order to help him. But things weren’t very easy. First of all, there was very less time since the bus had to leave and it was already 10:18 PM. So the official gave him a card of his company along with the number that he could call for help.

10:20 PM:

There was a couple that was standing next to the bus official. Even they couldn’t understand much English. But the guy tried to help by offering the American guy a can of soft drink which he obviously didn’t reject. Then, as the bus officials informed that they would leave, the guy kissed his girlfriend goodbye and boarded the bus wishing the American guy good luck. The bus drove away. All that was left was the phone number of the main office. The German girl tried to help us help the guy by offering to talk to the main office in German (as we wouldn’t have been very good with the explanation). But there was no connection. All lines were busy. Five minutes later, we figured out that they also had an option for English speakers. It connected finally. But there was no end to the music that made us wait. Meanwhile, Sid and Kedar were suggesting him new ideas which even included dining with us ;).

The main problem:
The American guy was here on a vacation – a tour of some parts of Europe. He had earlier been to Italy and some other places. Even there, he had missed his flight from Rome to some other city because they told him that the flight would be late and he waited until he missed it. He had lost his luggage in between. But he bought new clothes and wasn’t worried about the lost luggage, he told us. Then, he had come to Munich in Germany. Finally, he was travelling from Munich to Berlin with a change in Dresden. But before he would reach Dresden, he got out for (perhaps, more than) five minutes at some place. The driver had told him that the bus would only stop for 5 minutes. As I told you earlier, Germans are strict with their timing. To the American guy, it wasn’t more than five minutes that he had gone out, but by the time he returned, the bus had already left. His luggage was in the bus. Most importantly, his phone was in his bag. The bus that he was on was not only going to Dresden but further beyond. This was the problem. He wanted his bag back. The bus officials had told that the bus would be back in Dresden at 5 in the morning the next day. But, the guy had a flight to catch from Berlin at 7 AM. It takes almost three hours to travel from Dresden to Berlin. We were trying to call the main office just to know if they could leave his luggage at Dresden while the bus was on the way. But, sadly, we couldn’t talk to them. The line got connected but we never heard their voice.

10:30 PM:

Another bus arrived. It was heading to Dresden. A fat, lady driver stepped out and helped the passengers get their luggage back. We asked the German girl with us to ask the lady if she could help the guy. At first, she rejected saying that there weren’t enough details about the guy’s journey (his ticket number and the bus number, to be specific). She was in a hurry. But when we told her that the guy needed to go to Dresden, she asked him to hop in. We were happy. We didn’t know what he would do after reaching Dresden but we were happy that we could figure out one part of the puzzle. Happily, the guy shook his hands with all of us and boarded in. We thanked the lady driver too. She smilingly said, “Ich habe ein großes Herz” which means “I have a big heart”. We smiled on that. Yes she had a big heart. The German girl replied “Gott sei Dank” which means “Thank God”. We smiled once again. We were happy and glad that we had helped someone. He waved his hands with a beaming smile at us. We did the same. The bus left. We wished the girl a good night and she did the same. We were all smiles. Carrying lovely smiles upon our faces, we walked back home.


Oh, how delighted I am to have been writing on this topic! Pleasure, eh? What’s pleasure? What gives us pleasure? A feeling of happiness and satisfaction that you truly enjoy – is it? And anything that makes you happy and satisfied gives you pleasure; my reasons may be entirely different from yours. But, now that I’ve got a chance, let’s dig deeper into this subject.

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Scam Publishers

A good day to all my fellow WPressers!

Today, I want and need to write about something that a new, budding author may fall for – PUBLISHING.

Publishing sounds really good and enticing to all those aspiring and already-aspired authors. For those who have already published, I hope that they’ll get their new contracts with much ease than those who are yet to. But new authors must prove themselves. Therein lies the danger of getting swindled and cheated by so-called VANITY PUBLISHERS.

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Someone’s Win; My Experience

It all started on June 21st, 2016 with the second goal by one of Turkey’s striker. My friend, who is Turkish by race but German by nationality, was extremely delighted. He had proposed for a round in his car if Turkey wins and gets into the round of 16 for the Euro cup 2016. Fortunately, or I would rather say unfortunately, Turkey won by 2-0 over the Czech Republic. We were four of us, all Indians apart from him. He drove the car and we headed towards Lindau Hauptbahnhof (railway station) that is hardly two minutes away from where we live. On the way, a Turkish fan waved his flag with joy. I too screamed, “Hurrah! Turkei hat gewonnen” (Hurrah! Turkey has won).

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