She is all you need at the end of the day!


A day of hard work;
A day of ups and downs.
But just your soothing voice
and troubles reduce to an ounce.

A day of errands to work on;
A day so hectic and rough.
But one look into your eyes
simplifies all that seemed tough.

A day so hot and humid;
A day that drives me mad.
Yet a warm embrace from you
and my day is no more bad.

The solution to every problem
that brings me to my knees.
For all the joy locked inside me,
you carry all the keys.

Kiss me and set me free;
Hold me in a tight cuddle.
Without you, life is nothing;
With you, life is beautiful.

– Inscribed By,


She said ‘YES’!

Six hundred and eighty two days
it had been since the first time
we chatted with each other
and I wished to make her mine.

I was a lost soul
and she was a broken heart.
We lived far from each other,
thousands of miles apart.

Only occasional texts to start with
and my wish to break her walls,
we were convinced to move ahead
and texts soon escalated to calls.

‘Happiness unlimited’ I wrote down
on my diary on that specific day
when she seemed so positive
and I thought I had to say.

It had been three months
of our blossoming acquaintance
when I proposed to her.
Of course, it didn’t make sense!

I had seen her in pictures
and heard her over the phone.
How could I claim to love her?
Was it just a result of being alone?

She had already rejected me twice
within six months of our chats.
And just like other boys,
I didn’t know how to relax.

I chatted with another girl
and had a long distance relation
with her until twenty days later
I started meeting with frustration.

I couldn’t love that girl;
She couldn’t be the remedy to
my broken heart and fix it.
So all I could say was, ‘Goodbye!’

I returned to where my heart belonged:
Happy but a bit guilty.
She took me in the same way
like, a month ago, how we used to be.

Unaware of what I did,
she just asked where I had been.
I couldn’t tell her the truth
so I said, “Just wanted to be unseen.”

Things started getting back to normal
as our chats resumed well.
“I had to come back to you, my dear”
was what I couldn’t tell.

But she understood me without words.
That was what I loved the most.
She housed my heart but she thought
that she would never be a good host.

A year of ‘us’ came into being
as we got closer through our journey.
I told her about my feelings once again
expecting a lovely reply for me.

Oh yes! She gave it a thought
but cruel were the memories of her past.
The happiness that I had felt
did not, more than a day, last.

It saddened me to see her
unable to get out of her sadness.
I tried to tell her how I wanted
to love her with all my madness.

But she couldn’t – it was difficult.
I could understand how she felt.
That’s why I didn’t compel her
until when I thought her heart would melt.

Six months later, I flew back home
to meet my kith and kin.
But inside my head, I had already
planned our novel meeting.

The day came when we met for the first time.
Elegantly she smiled and shook my hand.
Beautiful she looked, I was nervous,
and time flew by like slipping sand.

We met once again after two days.
This time I was quite ready.
We clicked pictures and talked a lot.
This time I walked steady.

Twenty days later, it was time to return
– as I bid everyone goodbye.
She and I had something to cherish
even though the distance made us sigh.

Two weeks later was her birthday.
I wished her happiness and bliss.
After a few days, I told her
how I had started to miss.

Yes, shameless, for the fourth time
I proposed to her on a serious note.
I told her how I exactly felt about her
without a lie or a sugar coat.

If not in one and a half years,
then she would never love me, I thought.
So, with a long text of our memories,
For love, in love, I fought.

But she still wasn’t ready for
the second relationship of her life.
And I had already made plans
of her being my future wife.

I didn’t know what happened to me then;
I couldn’t take more rejection.
So I stopped talking to her and
all other [girl] friends out of dejection.

Feeling undervalued, I made two mistakes
within two months of our separation
just to realize later that
it was all out of frustration.

Then came my best birthday ever
which only a handful of friends remembered.
And she called just to wish me
and asked of my whereabouts after November.

I was elated when I spoke to her.
Her voice soothed my ears once again.
A few days later, I asked her
to relieve me of all my pain.

She doubted her ability to love again
but I promised her a life full of happiness.
Finally, I asked if she was ready to fall in love
and, oh boy, she said ‘Yes!’

– Inscribed By,



Until he found her!

Her love did go
to get the stars.
Little did she know
that he’d find Mars.

The Sun had burnt him
and Pluto was too cold.
His eyes turned dim
as he grew a bit old.

Mercury he had gone to
but she pushed him away.
To Venus, he moved onto
immediately the other day.

Venus couldn’t leave him
as their love had grown.
Benefits were reaped even
before they were sown.

He felt sorry, but jaded,
so he left her for Mars.
Venus had never ever hated
anyone, until he gave her scars.

Disregard and disrespect was all
that Mars gave him soon.
That had made him fall
what he thought was a boon.

Jupiter was too big and proud.
Saturn had just got engaged.
Uranus’ moons were too loud
and Neptune was full of rage.

Distressed and upset he’d been
in search of a new lover
until he was ready for his queen.
Earth she was – he finally discovered.

– Inscribed By,


I wrote this poem as a part of my book “Your Little Heart”. The story captured here belongs to the protagonist of the book.

A sunny day it was – very bright.
Ahead of us, we had a beautiful night
plus half a day.
It was that day in May!

You were waiting for me passionately.
We hadn’t been together lately.
There were things I wanted to say
on that day in May!

We embraced each other tightly;
You pecked on my cheek – lightly.
Then, gently you pushed me away,
on that day in May!

That naughty smile you bore,
and the slinky dress you wore,
lured me like a ship lured by a bay
on that day in May!

We laughed and chatted like kids,
holding each other like a jar and its lid.
I wish for us to always stay,
like we were on that day in May!

We dined; we kissed; we slept.
Promises we made to be kept.
We bade goodbye and traveled far away,
cherishing that beautiful day in May!


– Inscribed By,


I saw a dream, and now it’s gone!

In a land so near yet so far,
with unrest as well as utmost peace,
starts from my brain and sitting in a car,
I travel to the farthest galaxies.

Lying down yet running very fast,
I hide and gallop from my fears.
Feeling tired, I change my track at last
and enter a party, just to say ‘Cheers!’

I dance and dance and play around
with friends and family and lots of strangers.
The next moment, I know, I’m bound
to face happiness and well as some dangers.

Episodes continue without listening to me.
I try to remember what a friend just told
so that I would tell him or her exactly
how yesternight the story did unfold!

I hear a voice – faint and low,
slowly open my eyes and start to yawn.
I remember nothing, just the fact though
that it was a dream and now it’s gone.


-Inscribed By,

Bursting Clouds

So let me be poetic about the rain!

I’ve got the clouds to cover my ground.
They cry to let me know I’m earth-bound.
But the speed of rain is slower than sound;
That’s why rain drops only after thunder takes a round.

And let me tell you how it all starts
even though you know that it is God’s art.
It all begins when the water on earth darts
up in the air and gets stored as vapor, in parts.

Those vapory parts form clouds up in the sky,
even up away from where the birds fly.
The clouds then start to move sideways and high
until they suddenly crash and begin to cry.

The roar of thunder sometimes comes along
giving bass to nature’s beautiful song.
Drops pour on earth, that’s where the music comes from
and makes a rain song – some short, some long.

Rain falls on the roads, roofs, and towers.
The rivers, seas, and oceans take it saying ‘It’s ours’.
All of it may take minutes or hours
and the bursting clouds get ready for another shower.

– Inscribed By,

Three Long Days

This one’s a downpour of anxiety, scribbled down in a poet’s words!

How do I console my beating heart?

What do I tell my anxious mind now?

Why does the clock always seem to restart?

How do I explain it to myself? How?


What shall I do to get out of this?

There seems no answer to my unease,

I can’t even express how much I miss,

You, your texts, and the way you tease.


It has just been a few days,

You’re traveling, I know, but still.

You could’ve shown your care in different ways,

My trapped heart only cries in a shrill.


I shouldn’t text you, that is my promise,

But you promised to text me by today.

What is taking you so long for this?

I’m anxious, worried, and turning gray.


Why don’t you write a text to me?

Why don’t you reduce this stress?

I know you’re safe – that I can see,

On your Instagram pic with a smiling face.


You may never see this difficult phase,

I wouldn’t want to let you know.

I’ve been waiting for three long days,

And today already makes it four.


– Inscribed By,



The Guitarist

He sat down, started strumming the guitar; I sat down, started penning down words. Both of us were done in 15 minutes.

He strums the guitar,

Looks at the chords used.

Remembers times spent with her,

And, in loneliness, gets amused.


‘While my guitar gently weeps’,

He sings as he tries finding the rhythm.

The macho inside him sleeps,

As only lovely memories stay with him.


Suddenly he stops and leans forward,

Oh! He wants to play another song.

‘Wish you were here’ with a G chord,

He strums, recalling all that was wrong.


He sings along with the singer,

Soulfully he gets carried away.

Her thoughts don’t stop to linger,

So he stops strumming today.


Maybe he’ll sit again tomorrow,

With his guitar and a beating heart.

Maybe he’ll forget all his sorrows,

And join the pieces that’d fallen apart.


– Inscribed By,



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This is the fourteenth of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.

O’ dear! What a lovely night it is!

Even though we aren’t together in this.

From this land, I’ll remember you,

And we shall tonight sleep in bliss.


I can’t see the stars or the moon,

Since my windows were closed very soon.

Nevertheless, there is peace and warmth,

Like a day in the mid of June.


I even switched off the light,

Because I’d sleep I thought; I might.

But the urge of a late night letter,

Made me turn my bed lamp on for better sight.


You slept a while ago, I know,

We wanted to talk a bit more, even though.

Our craze fell victim to your lazy sleep,

When after five minutes, I could hear your voice no more.


My letter to you is full of love,

In this night as peaceful as a dove.

Let people think what they want,

Read this letter when push comes to shove.



  • Inscribed By,




This is the seventh of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.

Why do I tire my brain,

With nonsensical, idiotic thoughts?

When I know that you love me,

And I, too, love you a lot.


I just so happens unnaturally,

And it pisses me off to do that.

It isn’t only me that I hurt,

But even you who I make sad.


Sometimes I think to myself,

Have I been caught up in the moment?

Am I in it only for the sake of it?

Or do I really, really want it?


We feel sad, we lose control,

We step back and talk no more.

But love is and will always be,

We come closer, more than before.


These petty arguments will be,

As they are with every other couple.

But let us deal through these,

And pass them with a swift riffle.



  • Inscribed By,