Making Love!

It all started with a soft kiss
and the feeling of utmost bliss.
With him, nothing did she want to miss.
When in love, that much does suffice.

From her toes till her head,
she was draped in pure red,
Two hungry souls lay on the bed,
waiting to experience love unsaid.

In the night as peaceful as a dove,
her trembling lips mad with love;
Words inside her throat she shoved
as he smiled and came from above.

He kissed her lips as they parted;
His tongue, to meet hers, swiftly darted;
Her hands, which kept her body guarded;
He stretched them out as it all started.

He became more passionate and wild;
Her resistance became even so mild;
To her phone of pleasure, he had dialed
the correct number, so he smiled.

Their clothes were covered in sweat;
So the two got naked and met
each other on that squeaky bed.
He was scorching and she was wet.

One gentle push, one perfect stroke;
One barrier they beautifully broke.
No witness to their fire without a smoke;
When in love, they began to soak.

One more and two more and three,
they continued their lovely spree.
For the first time, she felt so free;
In his eyes, she was all that she could see.

Like tree leaves falling in autumn,
he shed his tears squeezing from the bottom.
Fears they had lots but they fought some;
“I love you!” then both hummed.

“Babe, did we make a mistake here?”
She asked. He pulled her very near
and whispered into her right ear,
“We didn’t make a mistake; we made love, my dear!”

– Inscribed By,




Today, let us imagine of
a world full of love and peace.
A world free from terror,
tyranny, hate, and poverty.

Imagine if there were no countries
and the world was one home.
We wouldn’t be fighting along LOCs
to decide on a piece of land.

Imagine if there was no religion
and everyone prayed to one God
without caring who it was.
How peaceful would it be!

Imagine if there were no races
but just one human race.
We wouldn’t be discriminating
people based on their appearance.

Imagine if there was one language
that every person in the world spoke.
There would be no linguistic bullying
all around this beautiful world.

Imagine if there was no gender
and everyone was treated equally.
Love would surpass all other feelings
and gender bias would vanish.

Yet the world has been created
to bring out the best of the differences.
Look at the different flowers, plants,
animals, birds, and landscapes.

They tell us about the variety
of nature, which makes it wonderful;
and we live in this world,
which is full of dissimilarities.

These differences make us unique;
They make us who we are.
So let us imagine of a world full of
dissimilarities but filled with love and peace.

– Inscribed By,