ENDLESSLY – Love has no expiry date

A special poem for a special someone! 🙂


To the tune of sweet whistles, I dance,

With the cool breeze passing by, I romance.

What is it that I’m looking for?

Amidst the conscious crowd, I’m in a trance.


I don’t even get proper sleep nowadays,

Even when I dream, all that I see is her face.

What is happening with me lately?

I am, with myself, in a perpetual race.


I touch the sky but immediately fall down.

I write long essays yet forget what’s a noun.

What do these extremes want to convey?

I know not whether to smile or bear a frown!


Am I in search of something to stabilize?

Yes, I believe I’m looking for that prize.

Am I finding love in the right place?

I know not, for I am not very wise.


But when it comes, I can only imagine,

I won’t even want to rhyme my words.

Only the thought of having her by my side,

Makes me the happiest man – worldwide.


So I’m still looking for love, hopelessly,

My feelings are real, O God bless me.

Till when will I wait for her, she asks!

I smile and whisper into her ears: “Endlessly”


– Inscribed by,



7 thoughts on “ENDLESSLY – Love has no expiry date

  1. i am glad i ran into your blog. i love these poems. and i chose to reply to this one in particular, cause it was written on my birthday. haha! 🙂 And how’s Germany treating you Nepali Babu? For me personally, Germany is great and sucks at so many level. 😉 You have a follower! ❤

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