ENDLESSLY – Love has no expiry date

A special poem for a special someone! 🙂


To the tune of sweet whistles, I dance,

With the cool breeze passing by, I romance.

What is it that I’m looking for?

Amidst the conscious crowd, I’m in a trance.


I don’t even get proper sleep nowadays,

Even when I dream, all that I see is her face.

What is happening with me lately?

I am, with myself, in a perpetual race.


I touch the sky but immediately fall down.

I write long essays yet forget what’s a noun.

What do these extremes want to convey?

I know not whether to smile or bear a frown!


Am I in search of something to stabilize?

Yes, I believe I’m looking for that prize.

Am I finding love in the right place?

I know not, for I am not very wise.


But when it comes, I can only imagine,

I won’t even want to rhyme my words.

Only the thought of having her by my side,

Makes me the happiest man – worldwide.


So I’m still looking for love, hopelessly,

My feelings are real, O God bless me.

Till when will I wait for her, she asks!

I smile and whisper into her ears: “Endlessly”


– Inscribed by,




After a long time, this is what I came up with.

Numerous years ago, the two of you met,

And decided on a single journey.

Who would’ve known that parents such great,

Were what God had planned for me!


You earned and fed; I learnt and read,

Comforting me at times of fright.

You bathed me and made my bed,

Tolerating my shrill cry at night.


From a kid to a boy, I turned,

And now I’ve become a man.

Slowly but definitely I’ve learnt,

That you are my two hands.


Time and again, I was confronted,

By problems, worries, and mistakes.

My cheeks hollowed when I was haunted,

I shivered, starting from my trembling legs.


Every single time, you were there to hold me,

By my shoulders and teach me how to fight.

You told me to face my fears boldly,

And always do things that are right.


It seems that the door is locked,

And guarded by thousands of raven.

But I fear them not, for I have,

My parents – my keys to heaven.


-Inscribed By,