PoetLove #16 – NO FEAR IN LOVE

This is the last of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.


This one is like a rap at the end with all the lines rhyming. I hope you enjoy reading it.


What are you so worried about?

Why do I see fear in your eyes?

It makes me wonder why the cloud,

Showers your tears when I’m no lies.


Why do I get scared, then?

To tell everyone I’m in love.

What am I afraid of when,

Good lord has showered blessings from above.


Let us vouch – we fear no more,

Let us take an oath to trust.

Let us dwell not in moments of sore,

But only good times, and times just.


We can enjoy the daylights,

And rest soundly in sweet nights,

No fear in love – no petty fights,

Let us cuddle and hug each other tight.

Surely, awaits us a future distant yet bright,

When we put in effort and might,

To reach another level, another height,

In love, let us promise to write,

Of our love story for it may guide,

Many to come, many out of sight,

Let them relate to our story and not hide,

Their fears they bury deep inside.

No fear in love – only love and pride.



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