PoetLove #16 – NO FEAR IN LOVE

This is the last of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.


This one is like a rap at the end with all the lines rhyming. I hope you enjoy reading it.


What are you so worried about?

Why do I see fear in your eyes?

It makes me wonder why the cloud,

Showers your tears when I’m no lies.


Why do I get scared, then?

To tell everyone I’m in love.

What am I afraid of when,

Good lord has showered blessings from above.


Let us vouch – we fear no more,

Let us take an oath to trust.

Let us dwell not in moments of sore,

But only good times, and times just.


We can enjoy the daylights,

And rest soundly in sweet nights,

No fear in love – no petty fights,

Let us cuddle and hug each other tight.

Surely, awaits us a future distant yet bright,

When we put in effort and might,

To reach another level, another height,

In love, let us promise to write,

Of our love story for it may guide,

Many to come, many out of sight,

Let them relate to our story and not hide,

Their fears they bury deep inside.

No fear in love – only love and pride.



  • Inscribed By,




This is the fifteenth of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.

Look at the beautiful world,

Not just at the cruelty in it.

Open up your heart to the good,

And let the light of love be lit.


Wipe off those tears O’ teary eyes,

Wear a smile on those lovely lips.

Stretch your lovely little body,

And move in circles, your harmonic hips.


Enjoy life – you get it once,

Get up, walk around, and dance.

Once wasted, it never returns,

So never miss the chance of a romance.


Look at the flowers – how they bloom,

On the arrival of the colorful spring.

Let bygones be bygones – forget the past,

Dwell in the present, for joy it will bring.


Open up your heart to love,

Open up your heart to joy.

Life gives everyone a chance,

Open up your heart to this boy.



  • Inscribed By,




This is the fourteenth of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.

O’ dear! What a lovely night it is!

Even though we aren’t together in this.

From this land, I’ll remember you,

And we shall tonight sleep in bliss.


I can’t see the stars or the moon,

Since my windows were closed very soon.

Nevertheless, there is peace and warmth,

Like a day in the mid of June.


I even switched off the light,

Because I’d sleep I thought; I might.

But the urge of a late night letter,

Made me turn my bed lamp on for better sight.


You slept a while ago, I know,

We wanted to talk a bit more, even though.

Our craze fell victim to your lazy sleep,

When after five minutes, I could hear your voice no more.


My letter to you is full of love,

In this night as peaceful as a dove.

Let people think what they want,

Read this letter when push comes to shove.



  • Inscribed By,



PoetLove #13 – YOU’LL FIND ME

This is the thirteenth of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.

Every day in search of something,

Sometimes explicit, sometimes hidden.

We look up to people umpteen,

Only to stop when we’re bed-ridden.


We take up questions and try,

Finding answers to all of them.

Some questions are yours, some mine,

Some answers subtle, some so lame.


You have a lot to ask,

I have a lot to tell.

We’ll slowly unveil our mask,

And no one shall ever compel.


I will show you my fears,

My doubts, my smile, and my joy.

I will be there to wipe your tears,

For you, I’d be the perfect boy.


Then you’ll stop asking me,

Because we would be a complete two.

When still you’ll search for me,

You’ll find me inside you.



  • Inscribed By,