This is the eleventh of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.


Never did this happen in my past,

Never with any of my partners.

But this time, everything seems anew,

This is what I was waiting for.


You broke the initial letter constraint,

And started with a different letter.

I always thought they were very good,

But, with you, it is even better.


Everyone says that you’re beautiful,

Never did the majority even agree.

So I’ll do something that I never did,

For you, my sweetheart, I’ll fall on my knees.


Never in my past did every person,

Accept my girl whole-heartedly.

I sometimes regret my decisions,

But I learnt a lot, so let them be.


This time, the response from dear ones,

Has been positive and overwhelming.

Everyone says that you’re beautiful,

But do I deserve this beauty, tell me?


Everyone tells me you’re beautiful,

Everyone tells me you’re smart.

But babe, there’s one thing I need to know,

Will I always be your sweetheart?



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