This is the eighth of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.


I began swimming, but now no more,

I’ve caught my boat and rowed off the shore.

Yes! At some point, I will get bored,

But that’s a part of a two becoming a four.


Suspense there is – unnoticeable,

Mystery there is too – unbreakable.

Love there is utmost – immeasurable,

Support there is – most of all.


Where there is weakness, strength there is,

But hidden; find out the inner bliss.

The journey of a lifetime you’ll miss,

When after years, you recollect the fights and the kiss.


So now there is US – this is we,

Our hearts leading us to where we’re meant to be.

Bearing that sweet smile is she,

And the ironically rude poet is me.


We row our boats and move ahead,

In life, there’s a direction to which we head.

Sometimes far yet remembering what each other said,

Seldom hand in hand, happy and like-minded.


Someday, our destinations we shall reach,

Learning from the lessons that life did teach.

Then we shall be together – as we both preach,

And live our moments missed – every and each.


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