This is the seventh of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.


Why do I tire my brain,

With nonsensical, idiotic thoughts?

When I know that you love me,

And I, too, love you a lot.


I just so happens unnaturally,

And it pisses me off to do that.

It isn’t only me that I hurt,

But even you who I make sad.


Sometimes I think to myself,

Have I been caught up in the moment?

Am I in it only for the sake of it?

Or do I really, really want it?


We feel sad, we lose control,

We step back and talk no more.

But love is and will always be,

We come closer, more than before.


These petty arguments will be,

As they are with every other couple.

But let us deal through these,

And pass them with a swift riffle.



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