This is the sixth of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.


Here I am, I call it off,

Bidding goodbye to my laptop.

Sitting straight, facing the wall,

Inscribing a new poem of love.


I could’ve easily gone to sleep,

But instead I chose to write.

Because you can take a look at this,

Read my poem, you might.


Somehow I feel you know,

what goes on inside my mind.

If you could just see me now,

Everything is of a different kind.


The words you speak to me,

Make me want to talk more.

If you could see me now,

I don’t even care about my throat so sore.


I sit with your picture by my side,

Then look to God and wonder how.

And I adore and admire and adorn,

A smile, if you could only see me now!


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