This is the fifth of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.


Of late, I’ve been too busy,

Gazing at the stars at night.

My preoccupation with darkness,

Has unarguably dimmed the light.


At night, I see twinkling stars,

And beautifully scattered particles.

And I turn back suddenly,

When, due to the wind, my book riffles.


I close the book and keep,

A crystal on top of it.

Then I resume staring at the sky,

The light goes off; a candle is lit.


I turn on the soothing music,

And plug in earphones to listen.

Such a beautiful combination of soft music,

The beaming moon, and stars that glisten.


But there’s something missing,

And the lovely cloud drops a shower.

It completes my ninety percent,

Yet the night is still sour.


I can only wish and imagine,

That you’d grace this night.

But I can only wish – not beget,

Oh dear! Such is my plight.



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