PoetLove #4 – WHEN WE MEET

This is the fourth of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.


Seven seas away from you,

I sit back and think of the day.

When we shall meet each other,

And all the sorrow will walk away.


When I look into your eyes,

In the pictures that you send.

I imagine that when we meet,

I’ll look into them till heaven’s end.


Your voice is so soothing,

That even when I’m too tired.

You make me feel happy and fresh,

And in my brain, that’s hard-wired.


We talk about mystery, love,

Future, past, and the things we eat.

But certainly we would be dumb,

For a few minutes when we’ll meet.


You won’t let me go, surely,

And I’ll do the same, I promise.

After a year, when we’ll meet for the first time,

Just your sight would eclipse a kiss.


I’ll take you in my embrace,

And ensconce you in my chest.

Then, when we look at each other,

Let’s forget the world; leave out all the rest.



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