PoetLove #1 – THAT SMILE

This is the first of sixteen poems that I wrote everyday (for sixteen days) for someone special.


Call me obsessed; I won’t object,

For some things are meant to be that way.

A glimpse of it is sufficient to elate me,

And even possibly lead me astray.


The most beautiful pearls remain hidden,

When she doesn’t put on her smile.

Entirely different – can’t even compare,

It is a healer – perfect and worthwhile.


Call me an addict; I won’t be angry,

For I have been addicted to it.

Those lovely lips that part away,

Are my witnesses as well as the culprit.


Call me obsequious; I won’t retaliate,

For I am pleased to have been.

You don’t know what it is like,

Watch her smile; she looks like a queen.


Suave and gentle is her beam,

Something ethereal – only palpable to me.

Cuts away all my fears and panic,

Makes me forget all my worries.


Now call me a lover, for I am one,

Call me whatever you wish to call.

I’m ready to accept your definitions of me,

If she smiles; for which I’m ready to fall.



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