Exactly two years ago, I’d written this poem. Those words of inspiration always stay with me.


I just listened to a man’s recording,

Those words were a lesson.

If only I could incorporate the thing,

Life would be a ride of fun.


He said, “Believe in luck, but do your part”,

And I felt that it was so true.

Cause if you do things straight from the heart,

Nothing works better than the two.


He added, “Do not care what others say,

If you do, you’re never gonna get up.”

Cause these are people who talk shit and play,

With your emotions till you get fed up.


Adding more to his words, he even said,

“Get up and act. What’s with your mood?”

If mood is your driver and makes you wait,

You won’t act – you never would.


To me, those words seemed interesting,

So I listened to the whole audio clip.

Without hesitation, he went on speaking,

“Yeah, don’t hesitate” – that was a tip.


He gave examples of great people,

Who have achieved great feats.

All of them answered the call,

Of inspiration and a heart that beats.


Those words were really amazing,

Those words taught me a lesson.

Cause it wasn’t just shit-speaking,

Those were words of inspiration.


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