A kiss is the shortest distance between two lovers.


Many-a-things happen when you fall,

Especially in love – the fall is free.

But of many things, the best of all,

Are the beautiful ones that are meant to be.


It seems like some feeling so endearing,

When someone you love gets you relaxed.

A kiss on the forehead seems so caring,

As it sits on your brain – completely waxed.


When we met and developed that like,

There was no problem unanswerable.

Even if one arose out of psych,

We’d answer it with a kiss on top of the table.


You might find the lines a little awkward,

But it is the universal truth.

‘Cause, after you fall, you can’t move backward,

In love, that seems really rude.


I don’t remember you saying ‘no’,

Not even a single time, miss!

Maybe it’s because I let you go,

And it’s the first time you denied a kiss!


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