Oh, sometimes you wish you could decide. But decisions aren’t always easy.


Ahem! Do I have your attention?

I need it – desperately as such!

‘Cause I’m really confused nowadays,

And I can’t use my mind much.


I’ve decided not to speak a lot,

Even tried it but with no luck.

Something has been fiddling with my brain,

That’s why I’ve been using it lesser than a duck.


When was the last time you were confused?

Do you remember the reason why?

I don’t know if yours was the same too,

But mine is love and I can’t deny!


Why do people want to be just friends,

When they know it is too difficult?

Piling up numerous masks to hide reality,

Doesn’t make sense, rather marks a fault.


I wanted to bestow love – lots of love,

My heart is an ocean that will never evaporate.

But she does not want to give her heart,

I don’t understand why she is so afraid!


Only if she could see what I see,

Only if she could feel what I feel.

She would know that my heart beats for her,

And babe, believe it or not, it’s for real.


Once, she was the one who said,

“I miss you and I need you!”

But after all those beautiful days,

She’s breaking my heart into two.


But it is, in fact, her right to choose,

So I would rather say nothing.

Just four words straight from my heart,

I’d say, “Those times were something.”


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