This poem comes with a three-starred title. Why? The answer is that it is special. It is special in that it is a dilemma in itself. It took me almost six months to write this, as far as I remember. I couldn’t stay for long while writing this. Words wouldn’t flow as easily as they did with other poems that normally take me minutes to complete.

I hope you would like this offering! 🙂


Once, when I was just a kid,

I used to think life was so cool.

It was so easy to be happy,

And it felt happy even to be a fool.


People would hold me in their arms,

And buy chocolates at my demand.

There was nothing to fear about,

And no fear seemed any grand.


As I grew up – the same thoughts I bore,

I enjoyed whatever life had to offer.

But I realized at this point,

That life had now become tougher.


People held me in their arms,

But now it was not at all endearing.

Who knew that the people who loved me,

Were the ones I had to start fearing?


As did they, maybe I too changed,

I wouldn’t pretend to be the same.

The times when I tried persuading,

Were the times when I lost this game.


Hatred, jealousy, and enmity we carry,

Still we’ve got something more dangerous.

It’s love – even if you don’t believe,

The greatest mask of evil in all of us.


Whether you love or not, it is a question,

Whether you love or not, it must be a feeling.

But when you’re choosing between love and no love,

The dilemma in your mind touches the ceiling.


That’s the greatest dilemma in your life,

That’s the biggest question you raise!

‘Cause they say love happens only once,

Yet the greatest dilemma happens in life’s every phase!


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