Let my stupid side be known to you. You deserve to know me because you’ve read me all through this. This poem is a conversation with myself at a time when I was unnecessarily worried about a lot of things. I hope you would like it.

I scribble a lot of junk – I know,

But these stupid words continue to flow.

Please bear me with these few lines,

For this time and also a lot more times.


These words and these rhymes I jot,

Touch some but are disapproved by a lot.

May be my four-liners go with my age,

But it is surely not just to fill a page.


I have some serious wounds and scars,

So I tend to use some words so harsh.

If you’d exchange places with me,

You’ll feel what it is like to be!


I’ve flawed terribly in the past,

But paid a great deal at last.

So, haters need not pan or sneer,

‘Cause tomorrow it’s your turn to fear.


All that I write is from my heart,

But I don’t know where to start.

So, wake me up when I get lost in my sleep,

‘Cause daydreams aren’t good, and mine is too deep!


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