The face of a person when s/he eats/drinks something sour, where the lips crimp to form (almost) a pout : Sourface.

Source: Not The Oxford English Dictionary.


Okay, No more jokes. That one was the last. 😉
There is no word called sourface. Therefore, I have tried making one according to the definition above. LOL. Sorry sorry, no more kidding. 😀

I want to write on this topic because this is what a lot of people need to go through everyday. We go through the “Surface”. I’ve just twisted the title so that the two topics can be merged very well to give an idea of what I want to convey.

We always move along the surface. Do you believe in this statement? I guess you do! We follow daily life rules along the surface. We don’t want to know why and how was the rule even applied. We follow law along the surface. We don’t want to know the reason behind the implementation of that law. We follow rituals and traditions along the surface. Why should we not touch a woman when she is on her menstrual cycle (only in India and a few other countries)? We never ask why. Even on social media, we follow something without a reason – just knowing that, on the surface, it looks good. God knows what depth it brings!

We judge people along the surface. If the guy is from Germany, he must be tall, white, and knowledgeable but at the same time reserved and grumpy. If a girl has squinted eyes, she must come from Asia.
We listen to people and carry forward the information from the surface. We never care to verify if the information comes from a credible source or not.

Now look at the baby in the featured image. That baby has a sour-face because s/he was fed raw lemon. Let me judge that sour-face along the surface now.
I don’t know if it is a white or a black baby. Oh! I cannot judge this baby now.
I don’t know if s/he is even a girl or a boy. Oh! I cannot presume if s/he will be weak or strong.
I don’t know if this baby actually has squinted eyes. Oh! What a pity that I won’t be able to know if this baby is an Asiatic baby or not!
I don’t know if this baby is tall or short. Oh! I can’t judge his/her ancestry without seeing him/her stand.

Be like this baby with a sourface. Don’t judge along the surface.
Everyone is different. You are also a part of everyone. I am too!


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Image Source: Here

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