Time comes and goes; so does hard time!



There are times when you are sad,

And you push me away from yourself.

Maybe I am the one, who is bad,

But the truth is that I was trying to help.


These are hard times which kill me,

Watching you behave so very rudely.

Although after sometime, you talk well and heal me,

But this is not the way it should be.


When we go good, it feels great,

Just lying idle and hearing you talk.

The way we met was our good fate,

And we promised to always rock.


I know you won’t be angry for long,

As you very well understand my care.

And who would sing you lullaby songs,

When your best friend is not there?


These times won’t stay with us,

They are hard to remember.

Because when good feelings rush,

We shall relive ‘Love in December.’


So, the next time you get angry,

Take some time to read these lines.

A hard time isn’t a cherishing memory,

It is a fight worthless – a bad rhyme.



-Inscribed By,



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