When you’re in love, you’re always a KID.


Well, this one is a romantic, event poem that I wrote for one special person. To me, she is still special, albeit in a different manner. I hope you’ll like it! 🙂


It’s fifteen past twelve at midnight,

And I am here doodling words.

After sweet talks and childish fights,

Of happiness and many-a-thing that hurts.


What pleasure does it give,

To speak over the phone for hours?

It’s all about how you live,

Sometimes low, and at times, high up on towers.


But we enjoy chatting thoroughly,

Every time we get on the phone.

We set the mood – most often jolly,

Except for things going wrong with my rude tone.


Talking about nothing most of the times,

We laugh and make fun.

Yeah, we cling on to accidental rhymes,

And surely we don’t miss a single pun.


Even when we are together,

We talk secrets unknown to others.

Streets get dark & we notice change in the weather,

But who cares! To us, nothing bothers.


Some car trips so memorable,

That they are etched in our minds.

It seems like a sweet fable,

And the memories help us bind.


When after it is late,

Twelve – the clock just hits.

Time to close the gate.

Then we realize, we’re still kids.


-Inscribed By,



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