People say you must define in words,

The beauty of the girl whom you love.

I am no Romeo, so I won’t deny them,

Maybe they’ve walked a path so rough.


And they even say that love is blind,

I accept everything that they say.

Maybe we are supposed to be blindfolded,

So, in love, there is neither night nor day.


But people never realize the very fact,

That love needs no definition.

It is in itself so well defined,

That its completeness needs no reason.


They call it love, but for me,

It is the eighth wonder of the world.

They think of it as a red rose,

But for me, it is a flag unfurled.


As much as I want, I can continue writing,

And you can criticize me for that long.

I know that I may not be completely right,

But I am not even fully wrong.


So let me cease writing as I drop my pen,

And go out for a short walk.

This is the end of my scribbling,

This is my love talk!


-Inscribed By,




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