Let the flag of love unfurl,

As I blow the breeze of romance.

Let it come, do not close the door,

Maybe life owes you this chance.


I know not how long I shall write,

To you about my sweetest feelings.

Hey pretty girl! Why don’t you understand,

To your wounds, I wanna be the healing.


Surprised by fears and suppressed by criticism,

Here I am on my knees.

Of all my haters, I just know that,

Every one of them wants me to freeze.


But I am not so frail as to sit,

When I can get up and walk.

I would better not lose sight,

So, for hours, let me be their talk.


I never knew I could face the world,

You taught me the easy way out.

And now you’ve stuck in my heart,

As in the soil, does stick a sprout.


I wouldn’t tag you with words galore,

As that would seem ostentatious.

But I wouldn’t miss this chance to tell you,

That you are profusely gracious.


At times of distress and apprehension,

You light the flame of hope.

When I try to break free and rush,

You’re the one who makes me lope.


With you, I feel like time has halted,

And the clocks have stopped ticking.

My heart beats increase their pace,

Cause I can feel them kicking.


No! I can’t explain in words,

That what you mean to me.

What am I supposed to say?

I just want you into me.


O’ Belle, you’ve captivated me,

By your looks so tender.

You’ve taken me so gently,

My heart is under your sweet surrender.




– Inscribed By,




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