This took me 4 years to complete. Jan 2011 to Nov 2014. Would be special, wouldn’t it? 😀


I don’t know what struck me,

When I thought that you would be,

The one I saw in my dreams last night,

And what I would call ‘love at first sight’.


You changed my world with a blink of an eye,

That is something that I cannot deny,

You put my soul from worst to best,

That is why I treasure you as my dearest.


When I’m with you I will not cry even a single tear,

And your touch has chased away all my fear,

You really are an angel sent from above,

To take care of me and shower me with love.


It’s so magical those things you’ve said,

To bring back my faith that did almost fade,

Now my life is a dream-come-true,

It all began when I was loved by you.


Basking in the warmth of your smile,

And your so very witty style,

I feel your tenderness utter,

Along with the jingle of your laughter.


The way you look into my heart,

Takes away the fear of being apart,

Seems that I’m pushed behind my eyes

And put on a beautiful disguise.


With you I learnt to trust,

Which everyone tells is a must,

And as a person I have grown,

Just b’coz of u whom I’ve known.


We shared our tender happiness,

In some far-off place,

With the warmth of your smile,

For which I’d walk a mile.


I wish I could talk ’til the end of the day,

But now I’m running out of things to say,

So I’ll end by the line you already know,

“I LOVE YOU” more than what I could show.

My heart beats your pulse… more and more.


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This one is neither a poem, nor a song. There may be errors (lots of!). But please bear with me.

“To err is human”

They say tuition is a place,

where we learn to face,

how to win an exam race,

and get the passing grades.


(Let me begin…)


But when I joined a tuition

with a lot of compulsion,

my mind had a confusion,

and I jumped straight to conclusion.

But due to this fusion

of compulsion and confusion,

It seemed like an illusion,

to which I was losing my vision.

So I used some persuasion,

made a simple, silly reason

and worked out my elusion

from that boring, little tuition.

After months of preparation,

When I gave my examination,

Answers came out as effusions,

and some seemed like an allusion

to what was taught in the tuition.

But my heart was in elation,

came out true my intuition,

I was successful in my mission

of passing without a tuition.


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I wish you would read this and get to know… this was for you!

Oh! How I wish you were here,

To relive the moments of the past.

How I wish you were here,

To see that your memories still last.


How I wish you were here,

Still wrapped in my arms.

How I wish you were here,

To count the toll of your harms.


How I wish you were here,

Talking about so many weird things.

Oh! How I wish you were here,

To wipe the tears that your thought brings.


How I wish you were here,

Getting upset with my rude tone.

How I wish you were here,

Just to see me alone.


How I wish you were here,

Like you used to be with me always.

How I wish you were here,

I can just wish for it, gone are the days!


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Sometimes, you have the power to decide what you’d like to hold on to and what you’d like to let go…

So many things happen with you every day,

While some things are beautiful and tender,

Some are irritating and disappointing,

You decide, what would you like to remember?


Some memories can fill in scars,

And can get you fiery hot in December.

But some things spark happiness in tons,

You decide, what would you like to remember?


Some moments stay with you to hurt,

And once a loving person becomes an unknown sender.

But still there are some, who stay throughout,

You decide, what would you like to remember?


Some things you would never like to forget,

Because they let sweet memories enter.

But some you hate and wish had never happened,

You decide, what would you like to remember?


Some friends treat you like brothers,

You can count on them like your own family members.

But some play with your friendship all along,

You decide, what would you like to remember?


Anything and everything that happened with you,

Every single thing has had its own reason to occur.

So forget bad things, ignore bad times, & forgive bad people,

‘Cause good times are the times to remember,

Still you decide, what would you like to remember?


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Haiku #5 – You make me dream

A Haiku is a three-liner with five syllables in the first and the third lines, and seven in the second. I hope you enjoy this Haiku. This one is composed of all monosyllabic words.

When you stay with me,
It feels like I am the king,
With you, I can dream.

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A kiss is the shortest distance between two lovers.

Many-a-things happen when you fall,

Especially in love – the fall is free.

But of many things, the best of all,

Are the beautiful ones that are meant to be.


It seems like some feeling so endearing,

When someone you love gets you relaxed.

A kiss on the forehead seems so caring,

As it sits on your brain – completely waxed.


When we met and developed that like,

There was no problem unanswerable.

Even if one arose out of psych,

We’d answer it with a kiss on top of the table.


You might find the lines a little awkward,

But it is the universal truth.

‘Cause, after you fall, you can’t move backward,

In love, that seems really rude.


I don’t remember you saying ‘no’,

Not even a single time, miss!

Maybe it’s because I let you go,

And it’s the first time you denied a kiss!


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Traveling the world – Shivya’s Journal

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On solo travel, keeping a blog as a nomad, and finding inspiration in everyday encounters.

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Oh, sometimes you wish you could decide. But decisions aren’t always easy.

Ahem! Do I have your attention?

I need it – desperately as such!

‘Cause I’m really confused nowadays,

And I can’t use my mind much.


I’ve decided not to speak a lot,

Even tried it but with no luck.

Something has been fiddling with my brain,

That’s why I’ve been using it lesser than a duck.


When was the last time you were confused?

Do you remember the reason why?

I don’t know if yours was the same too,

But mine is love and I can’t deny!


Why do people want to be just friends,

When they know it is too difficult?

Piling up numerous masks to hide reality,

Doesn’t make sense, rather marks a fault.


I wanted to bestow love – lots of love,

My heart is an ocean that will never evaporate.

But she does not want to give her heart,

I don’t understand why she is so afraid!


Only if she could see what I see,

Only if she could feel what I feel.

She would know that my heart beats for her,

And babe, believe it or not, it’s for real.


Once, she was the one who said,

“I miss you and I need you!”

But after all those beautiful days,

She’s breaking my heart into two.


But it is, in fact, her right to choose,

So I would rather say nothing.

Just four words straight from my heart,

I’d say, “Those times were something.”


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This poem comes with a three-starred title. Why? The answer is that it is special. It is special in that it is a dilemma in itself. It took me almost six months to write this, as far as I remember. I couldn’t stay for long while writing this. Words wouldn’t flow as easily as they did with other poems that normally take me minutes to complete.

I hope you would like this offering! 🙂


Once, when I was just a kid,

I used to think life was so cool.

It was so easy to be happy,

And it felt happy even to be a fool.


People would hold me in their arms,

And buy chocolates at my demand.

There was nothing to fear about,

And no fear seemed any grand.


As I grew up – the same thoughts I bore,

I enjoyed whatever life had to offer.

But I realized at this point,

That life had now become tougher.


People held me in their arms,

But now it was not at all endearing.

Who knew that the people who loved me,

Were the ones I had to start fearing?


As did they, maybe I too changed,

I wouldn’t pretend to be the same.

The times when I tried persuading,

Were the times when I lost this game.


Hatred, jealousy, and enmity we carry,

Still we’ve got something more dangerous.

It’s love – even if you don’t believe,

The greatest mask of evil in all of us.


Whether you love or not, it is a question,

Whether you love or not, it must be a feeling.

But when you’re choosing between love and no love,

The dilemma in your mind touches the ceiling.


That’s the greatest dilemma in your life,

That’s the biggest question you raise!

‘Cause they say love happens only once,

Yet the greatest dilemma happens in life’s every phase!


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