My Exams

This is another scheduled post. My exams start on this 19th! I’m not very well prepared but I fear it not. So, this is an ode to my examinations which have come and gone. I believe this would be my final written exams (although I said so during my Bachelors too). But, I’ve come to know that our life is a course in itself, and we need to clear exams of life often. Perhaps, this is just a preparation for one of life’s next exams.


Birds flying high over my head,

I’m just sitting idle on my bed.

After all that I’ve written and you’ve read,

I’m still lying idle on my bed.


I’ve had my breakfast – a bowl of fried rice,

Along with two other plump guys.

After a lot of hard work and lots of tries,

My flatmate has drawn a signal with lows and highs.


I think I need to get things ready,

So that my mind stays calm and steady.

I don’t like it when my brain goes in an eddy,

‘Cause that just makes my day so heady.


With an hour of concentrated studies,

Hoping for the best, and no worries.

Iron my shirt so as to remove the crease,

I gotta go and write my exams at ease.


After all the daily tasks I’ve done,

Now I’ve got time to have some fun.

Even though I know I can still learn,

But I’m satisfied by the knowledge I’ve earned.


Let me bid you goodbye, ’cause I’ve got to go,

The answer booklet is waiting for me, yeah I know.

I shall scribble in the paper everything I know,

Happily I’ll submit the booklet, and come back home.


 -Inscribed By,




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