This poem is one that took me over two months to complete. Lots of thoughts went into the making of this beautiful series of four-liners. I hope you would like it.


The way it started – I don’t know,

And the way it’ll stop – I’m not sure.

But I’m pretty sure that God will show,

He will show us the path easy and pure.


In the midst of a stage, here I stand,

All by myself; no one to hold a hand.

Billion people no less than hair; I’m just a strand,

No belief in tomorrow; no trust in this land.


They say, “Look into yourself and you’ll find the truth”,

But then truth is even more painful at times.

We know that the future of tomorrow is the youth,

But tomorrow never comes and this truth always rhymes.


Politics and debates, opinions and polls,

Advices with mocks, flattery and jokes.

Hidden facts, exaggerated news, and disfigured tolls,

That’s the way it is; can’t we change it folks?


Rich are getting richer and the poor stay the same,

It is probably the rise of bureaucracy.

In this country where a person gets fame,

By getting into the voids of democracy.


Cold wars continue, even though partially,

As people slit each other’s throats.

Politicians have yet to grow socially,

They just fight to win votes.


So much to correct and so less time,

But I definitely won’t lose hope.

If you think this is just a series of rhymes,

Then, my mate, you’re probably dope.


 – Inscribed By,




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