Mine Forever

This is a very special poem for… let me not be a spoiler. Within a minute, you’ll surely find out who it is for! I hope this poem reaches to all of you. I love you guys a lot! 😀

Writing about anything you like,

Is an easy thing for most of us.

But many-a-things that we like,

Are complicated and, sometimes, bogus.


What do you think is written?

What can be scribbled here?

Is it about a cat and her kitten?

Or about a girl and her teddy bear?


As far as I can remember,

Nursery to the present, I know him still.

He is my best friend ever,

The guy whose name is Nikhil.


One more friend I have had,

Who was truly a cool guy.

He was Pema Hang – a funny lad,

Who gave everything a quick try.


I had friends – some good and some bad,

Some friends whom I want to meet still.

Some made me happy and even made me glad,

You are one such friend, Swapneel!


Leaving my secondary school felt bad,

I had to leave everyone behind.

Somewhere deep inside, I was really sad,

But somehow, I knew, life was even kind.


Diploma brought new friends for me,

They rushed in like the flow of an ocean.

Some came smooth and some dropped in nastily,

I picked up a drop and that was Roshan.


Life was now stable and locked,

I needed a new pair of keys,

Like a tornado, this guy struck,

And made himself known as Ashish.


Next came my friend-cum-brother,

Who was bestowed with a good body mass.

He was notorious yet very sober,

And we knew him as Kailash.


Luckily, life gives you so much,

Friends come like gold ‘n’-carat.

The ‘n’ for which you can give your own touch,

Comes priceless for someone like you, Bharat!


When people tend to spend a lot,

And mercilessly kill animals for fur.

You’ve ought to have a friend at spot,

Like you were there, Tarkeshwar!


This simple lad who is short,

Has a pretty muscular body.

His name is Bikram, but,

We call him Nepal – the college hottie!


Okay, that last line was a joke,

But I seriously have a friend.

Who prefers Maaza to Coke,

That’s Narendra – our group president.


Should I forget the good ones,

Please take it as an allergy.

Because it is a luck-by-chance,

To get a friendly brother like Dorjee.


Where do I go now?

Is it the end of the loo?

Hey Dawa, in anger, don’t you bow,

I seriously haven’t forgotten you.


No girl in this list, it seems!

But that may surely be a lie.

My friendship with her teems,

The girl in this list is Sunita Rai!


This is a poem for you all,

Who have made my life better.

Maybe, sometimes I’ve made you fall,

But we’ll always be friends forever.



-Inscribed By,




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