Have you ever wondered why,

Are people living their lives?

What is the harm if some fly,

Like bees working for their hives?


We eat, we drink, and we sleep,

Have you ever thought why?

‘Cause we are all designed by a geek,

To be born, to live, and then die.


“Life is a stage” – well said Shakespeare,

We are all acting with each other.

We move around the stage here and there,

Calling some our sister and some our brother.


Every single thing goes haywire for a minute,

While the same gives you happiness the other time.

You need to stay your way in it,

‘Cause sometimes, in pain, you gotta say “I’m fine”.


I am jotting down some words,

Just for no specific reason.

Are we fighting for our forts,

Along with the change in season?


Mistakes are made and paid for,

Even if you haven’t, you surely will.

But life is sometimes a torture,

When it won’t let you live, nor will it kill.


This is the way our life goes,

And we live everyday thoughtless.

So all my dear friends and foes,

Start reordering before it becomes a mess.



-Inscribed By,




2 thoughts on “Life

    1. I can imagine, Asha!
      Sometimes, I lie down and contemplate life. It is amazing to know how I am presented with a different perspective of it, which comes to me as a novelty. Maybe you do the same! There are a plethora of ponderable things to be astonished about. That, supposedly, makes me happy. So, I keep thinking (and writing too 😉 )

      Keep Thinking/ Keep Writing! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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