Bhanu Jayanti

Today is a very important day for all Nepali linguists as well as the common people. We are highly indebted to a person who showed the world that Nepali wasn’t just a regional language. He wrote the first well-known poem in Nepali. Before that, Nepali was not very widely known as a written language. That’s why he is referred to as the “Adikavi” in Nepali – which translates to “The first poet” in English. His name is – BHANU BHAKTA ACHARYA. Since he was born on the 13th of July in  1814, this day is celebrated as his day in the Nepali community. Therefore, the name – Bhanu Jayanti (The day of celebration for Bhanu).

He translated the mega-epic Ramayana (Hindu Mythology) from Sanskrit to Nepali. That was when people got to learn about the Ramayana (because most of them weren’t literate enough in Sanskrit). The flow of the epic that he translated is as smooth as a song. Nepali people all over the world today associate the Ramayana with him. He wrote hundreds of poems and tens of novels. Some of them are: “Muna Madan”, “Bhakta Mala”, and “Badhu Sikshya”.

Today, on his 202nd birth anniversary, I bow down to him and thank him for the immense contribution to Nepali literature. In his honour, I present to you my translation of a poem titled “Ghaasi” that was written by him. The title of the poem means “Grass-cutter”.

Original (घाँसी):
भरजन्म घासँ तिर मन दिई धन कमायो
नाम् केही रहोस् पछी भनि कुवा खनायो
घाँसी दरिद्र घरको तर बुद्दी कस्तो
म भानुभक्त धनी भैकन आज एस्तो ।
मेरो इनार , न त सत्तल पाटी केही छन्
जे चिज र धनहरु छन् घर भित्र नै छन्
त्येस् घाँसी ले कसरी आज दियेछ अर्ती
धिक्कार हो मकन बस्नु नराखी किर्ती ।


Translation (Grass-cutter):

Gave his whole life to grass and earned money,
In order to be remembered later, he built a well
Ghaasi belongs to a poor family yet look at his mind,
Even though I, Bhanubhakta, am rich but look at me.

Neither have I built a well, nor a bench for people,
Whatever I have stays put inside my house
Oh, how did that Ghaasi teach me a lesson today!
It is a damn that I live without glory


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