Blogger Recognition Award!!

Well! This one comes as a surprise to me – thanks for the nomination Novelacious. I’m glad as well as surprised, therefore I don’t know what to write. I even don’t have so much of a blogging experience to nominate fifteen other blogs who, in my opinion, really deserve this award. But here I go!

Firstly, the Rules:

  • Thank the one who nominated you and embed a link to their blog.
  • Share how you started your blog.
  • Give a little bit of advice that new bloggers can take away.
  • Select fifteen other blogs who you think really deserve the award.
  • Visit the blogs you nominated and let them know.

Story of my blog:

I have always been a curious person. This curiosity led me create almost ten blogs by the time I left high school. But I never clung on to them – my blogs were nothing more than a few static pages of read-worthy (some worthless too) information. Even my WP blog is now more than 6 years old. But, I recently started to actually BLOG. A few months ago, I completed writing down my first novel. After six to seven drafts, I sent it to publishers and ended up with this. But I didn’t want to lose hope in my writing (what I consider good :D). So, instead, I came back to WP, albeit to really blog this time. So, started my journey which is going fine till now. I hope to continue growing with this lovely community of WPressers.

Advice to new bloggers:

As far as I know, I am a new blogger myself. If I advise others, it wouldn’t seem nice. But, yes, I have one thing to say – Knowledge is Power. Keep gaining knowledge and be more powerful. Blog and Reblog; Read and Write; Love and Be Loved!

(Please don’t laugh at my advice :D)


15 unordered nominations from AddKluZiv

  1. Shekhar.
  2. Colleen Ackermann.
  3. Sarah Doughty.
  4. Giggles and Tales.
  5. Travel Much!
  6. Kristina Koti.
  7. Love it Now.
  8. Sabiscuit!
  9. Aanchal.
  10. A Reading Writer.
  11. Unbolt.
  12. Airg Blog.
  13. My Bloom Site.
  14. Signed Arouge.
  15. Asha.

32 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award!!

      1. ohh yeah!

        I m thinking of writing for some magazines too.

        yeah! let’s see. its just the beginning. n I m so confused . nervous n unsure.

        since I never wrote professionally.

        thanks you so much for noticing : )

        have a lovely day

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi there!! Thank you very much for your nomination. I am an award-free blog alreadybut I truly appreciate the gesture. πŸ™‚
    Congratulations to you and good luck on blogging! You tip is indeed helpful! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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