The Weekend


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday,

Once in a seven days, does come a Sunday.

It is the day of rejoice and party,

When you become lively, happy, and hearty.


The day which is gonna bore you the most,

Is also the day that can itself boast!

Of being the most non-enjoyable day,

Of which we all know by the name ‘Monday’.


Tuesday is a day we are hectic and tired,

Some things, sometimes, even go haywire.

We manage everything by Wednesday eve,

So that the way Tuesday came, it may likewise leave.


Irksome days continue to pass by,

As Wednesday drops in with a decent alibi.

If you think it is a crime to let people meet,

Then you surely will, at this point, cease to read.


I know you’ve continued reading further below,

‘Cause you know I’d got my reason safe and slow.

You never noticed how I used my own way,

To describe about a usually unnoticed Thursday.


The day of Venus, the day of the Frigg’s,

Friday has come, and that too so very quick.

It just starts to feel a little exciting,

The ride is about to begin as the seat-belts tighten.


Saturday kicks off with a colorful delight,

Hoping for the best; expecting party at night.

The week is about to complete a full cycle,

As the night approaches and Sunday answers to your call.


The best day returns; it feels so pleasant,

To meet loved ones on a new weekend.

Even though it comes not as much as we say,

But once in a seven days, does come a Sunday.



-Inscribed By,




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